Ten reasons to start running now

February 22, 2013

If you’re looking for a slim and trim figure, a healthier heart and improved joint mobility, we may have the answer for you: running. Many may not enjoy running or simply struggle to find time to run with their busy schedule. However, here are a few arguments right here that may change your mind about running:

1. Stay healthier
One of the biggest reasons people start running is to stay healthier. According to Greatist, those those who live an active lifestyle are less likely to develop colon cancer and even decrease their chances of developing breast cancer. Runner’s World also noted that 30 to 45 minutes of moderate daily exercise gives your immune system a boost.

2. Enjoy your carbs
Working out gives you the perfect excuse to eat carbs. Who doesn’t love a plate of pasta? And these carbs actually give you energy for an improved running performance. But, be careful to not overdo it.

3. Fit into those skinny jeans
We all have that pair of jeans sitting in our closet that we wish we could still fit into. But if you hop on the treadmill, you may be able to change that. Running is one of the best ways to torch those calories. According to Greatist, a 160 pound person can burn more than 850 calories an hour.

4. Remember more
Aerobic exercise has even been shown to boost memory. So while you’re running, you’ll not only be building up your muscles, but your brain power as well. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that participants who got their heart rate up performed slightly better on a subsequent memory test.

5. Have a healthier complexion
Working up a sweat on your treadmill can actually get you on your way to a healthy glow. Greatist stated that sweat can actually rid the face of the impurities that clog pores that lead to breakouts. Exercising may also boost natural oils, keeping your complexion looking natural and fresh.

6. Gain confidence
Running is a great self-esteem booster. The more you workout, the more calories you burn and the better you’ll feel about how you look. Ever heard of getting a “runner’s high?” According to Active, when you run, chemicals called endorphins are released into your mind which improve your mood, outlook and even your overall happiness.

7. It’s simple
Think about it. All you have to do is jump on your home fitness equipment and you’re set to go. TRUE’s treadmills even have preset workout programs to reach your fitness goals, so you don’t even have to worry about anything!

8. Healthy joints
According to Women’s Health, those who weigh more are more prone to developing osteoarthritis. Those who run are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and have a decreased risk for poor joint health. TRUE’s home treadmills are perfect for getting in a great run while still experiencing joint comfort. The M50 Treadmill, along with many of TRUE’s other treadmills, is equipped with an orthopedic belt which offers the ultimate reduction of impact on both the joints and knees.

9. Less stress
If your life is totally and completely stress free, well, we’re jealous. But if various factors like work, family and relationships are causing you stress, a bit of running may, according to Women’s Health, reduce anxiety.

10. Catch more z’s
If you exercise during the day, you may be more likely to get a better night’s sleep, explained Discovery Health. However, the time in which you run may make a difference. Exercise in the late afternoon may be your best bet. It raises your body temperature above normal a few hours before bed, allowing it to begin dropping before you fall asleep.