Staying motivated during your fitness plan

September 30, 2013

It’s a great accomplishment to create a fitness plan for yourself and stick with it. Fitting in regular exercise can be challenge with busy schedules nowadays and it’s commendable to do so.

You’ve purchased the home gym equipment and put in your time riding your home exercise bike like a True ES9.0 Home Upright Bike, or running on your home treadmill like a True PS300 Home Treadmill, but sometimes it can be a challenge to stay motivated. Even with the best of intentions, some workouts are easier to get through that others, and everyone experiences highs and lows on their fitness journey.

Motivating yourself with positive reinforcement is a great way to celebrate your achievements and stay excited about exercising. Whether you reach a goal, try something new or power through a workout you were dreading, focusing on the good will help you carry on.

Positive reinforcement keeps you on track
Invest in new running shoes:
Anyone who runs seriously knows how important proper footwear is. It can make the difference in how well you do in race and can save you from injury. If you’ve devoted yourself to a running regimen and have been succeeding, it’s a great motivator to invest in new running shoes. If you’ve been wearing an old pair or worn your current pair out, it’s time. Take yourself to a shop that specializes in running, maybe even one that measures your feet, so that you can find the right shoe for your foot type.

Have a spa day: After setting attainable goals and reaching them, you should treat yourself to something nice as a reward. Setting up a spa day is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Physical activity is stressful on the body, causing muscles to cramp and knot. Booking a massage, a mani/pedi or both will help ease any aches and pains from strenuous workouts and boost your self-esteem.

Gift yourself a new fitness outfit: Clothes can do a lot to boost confidence and make you feel great. As another positive motivation, celebrate your success so far with a new fitness outfit. Maybe you’re ready to try the tighter-fitting tops and bottoms or excited to wear something colorful on your home elliptical machine. Whatever it is, go for it! You’ll look forward to your next workout when you can wear your new outfit and feel great while you exercise.