Sneaky ways to get more green into your diet

June 19, 2013

Everyone knows that veggies with a deep green hue are some of nature’s most powerful super foods, but sometimes it can be a challenge to force yourself to incorporate them into your daily diet. Unlike running on a home treadmill, eating some bland lettuce may not make you feel energized or boost your mood, but it will contribute to your health in the long run. To trick yourself into getting more green into your diet, try these sneaky ways to eat more veggies:

Baked goods
Who doesn’t love muffins and brownies? You can slip a few leafy greens into your favorite baked goods by pureeing them and adding them to the batter. If you include other flavorful ingredients like chocolate, blueberries and nuts, your taste buds won’t even notice the bit of spinach or kale in there too. While adding veggies to your brownies doesn’t make them completely healthy, it does increase your intake of important vitamins found in leafy greens.

If you have the time or inclination in the morning, try whipping up an omelet! Eggs are high in protein, and you can add all types of veggies to make your breakfast all your own. Whether you’re a fan of spinach, mushrooms, onions or peppers, the more vegetables you can pack into your omelet the better. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

While eating salad isn’t necessarily a sneaky way to ingest leafy greens, there are plenty of ways to dress your salad up to make it more delicious – who says it has to be plain to be healthy? Choose your favorite dark green lettuce – arugula, spinach or romaine will do – and add in peppers, beans, peas, chicken or anything else you enjoy eating. Just be sure to choose a salad dressing that is low in calories and sugar.

Homemade smoothies are easy to make and delicious to eat – particularly when you’re on the go – but did you know that you can also add some leafy greens without dramatically changing the taste? As you make your favorite berry smoothie, toss in a handful or two of kale or even an avocado. You’ll get some extra vitamins and your taste buds won’t be able to taste the difference!

The next time you make a pizza – fresh or frozen – add some lettuce to the top to freshen it up. Nervous about finding the right combination of ingredients? Try mozzarella, arugula and cherry tomatoes for a tasty treat.