Our Top 8 Reasons a Treadmill Makes the Perfect Gift

December 17, 2013

tps800_giftDid you know? Not only is a treadmill an excellent fitness investment in yourself, but it also makes the perfect holiday gift! And with the holidays in high gear, there’s never been a better time to consider a TRUE treadmill for someone special.

That said, we’ve put together our top 8 reasons to give a TRUE treadmill in 2013. Which reasons are right for your special someone? Take a look:

# 1: Save Time. A treadmill is the perfect machine for those who claim to have no time to work out. Pre-set their new TRUE PS800 for a heart-pumping 20-minute cardio blast, and they’ve had a daily dose of heart-healthy activity in no time.

# 2: Save Money. A treadmill can pay for itself in enjoyment alone-but if your loved one is shy about getting to the gym, consider your TRUE PS100 a sound home fitness investment.

# 3: Keep it Simple. For someone who hasn’t been working out, beginning a fitness routine can be intimidating. TRUE Treadmills (and their multiple preset programming options) make it simple to start off slow, increase the challenge with time, and ease into a new, healthier lifestyle for the long-term.

# 4: Keep it Fast– TRUE treadmills start simply with the press of a button. What could be quicker than that?

# 5: Make Everyone Happy. Your new TRUE treadmill can accommodate fitness novices and veterans alike. The TRUE Z5, for example, 6 preset program options and 3 customizable saved programs.

# 6: Ditch the Commute. With plenty of options for any space constraints, your loved one can put his or her new treadmill anywhere it fits-the bedroom, the rec room, the basement, anywhere. Either way, there’s no drive required.

# 7: Ensure Success. Not only are TRUE treadmills easy to use, they also work for the whole family. And research shows that when you work out with someone else, you’re more likely to achieve the results you want. The gift of a TRUE treadmill to multiple users means a greater likelihood that all users will reach their fitness goals!

# 8: Multi-Task. TRUE treadmills are the ideal machine for multi-tasking. With enhanced console capabilities, your loved one can check email, text, catch up on a show, write a report, you name it-all while staying active and fit.

With so many reasons to give the gift of a treadmill this holiday season, why not consider one from TRUE Fitness? TRUE has treadmills to fit any space, budget and goal. That’s why Gym Source is proud to carry TRUE treadmills in all our stores, and that’s why the gift of a TRUE treadmill is guaranteed to make them smile.