“Nothing Can Stop Me”: A Boston Marathon Survivor’s Story

April 17, 2017

In the midst of energy and pride, Celeste Corcoran’s life forever changed. On April 15, 2013

Celeste and her family were waiting in anticipation for Celeste’s sister to finish her first marathon – the famed Boston Marathon. In attempt to get a closer look at the finish line, Celeste and her family were caught in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Photo courtesy of Gym Source
Photo Courtesy of Gym Source

Crossing the Finish Line

Celeste did not stay down for long. Now a double amputee, Celeste looked forward and began to take control of her life. The bombers may have taken her legs, but they were not about to take her lifestyle. A year later, Celeste and her daughter Sydney joined Celeste’s sister in finishing the Boston Marathon, crossing the finish line together. This accomplishment was only the beginning of Celeste’s new journey.

Helping Others Lead a Happy, Healthy Life

Celeste works now to give other amputees the necessary care and prosthetics in order to help them live a happier and healthier life. Furthermore, after a lifetime of hating running, Celeste was determined to use her new legs to propel her own journey. Celeste chose a TRUE PS825 to install in her home gym where she says that she “feel[s] powerful. Having the ability to run shows that nothing can stop [me].”

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