Nine ways to save time at the gym

March 12, 2013

If your excuse for not exercising nearly as much as you should is that you don’t have time to go to the gym, we have a few time-saving strategies for you. We get it, you’re busy! But don’t let your crazy schedule get in the way of that swimsuit body you’re working towards. Here’s how to minimize the time that you spend at the gym without sacrificing your workout:

1. Stop talking
You may be surprised by how much time you waste socializing at the gym. Talk to your friends before or after workout rather than between intervals so you can concentrate on your exercise plan and be efficient.

2. Avoid peak hours
If you can make it work with your schedule, go to the gym when you know it will be the least busy so you don’t waste valuable time waiting for your favorite TRUE Fitness treadmill to be available.

3. Exercise at home
If you have gym-quality equipment at home, such as a TRUE Fitness elliptical, you can stick to your workout routine without clamoring for the best machine along with the masses at your local gym.

4. Be prepared
Before leaving for the gym, make sure you are organized and ready to get to work right away. Fill up your water bottle, untangle your headphones and put on your running shoes at home.

5. Make a plan
Make sure that you head to the gym with a set plan of what your workout will consist of. You may want to ask a trainer to develop and write an exercise plan down for you so you can stick with it on your own.

6. Multitask
Get more done in less time by forcing your muscles to multitask during your workout (for example, crunches on a stability ball). The harder you can work your muscles all at once, the less time you’ll need to spend at the gym.

7. Alternate intensity
You can increase the effectiveness of your workout by doing intervals of intensity variation. Experiment with the incline on your treadmill, or try out some short sprints in between steady-paced running.

8. Time yourself
Include the amount of time you plan to spend on each exercise in your workout plan, and stick to it! Try to limit your distractions.

9. Do something you enjoy
The time you spend at the gym will go faster and be more effective if you enjoy your workout, so include something you like to do in your exercise routine, whether that be yoga, weight training or using the elliptical.