National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

September 26, 2017

As a personal trainer, the majority of my clientele are middle-aged women who are for the first time — or the first in a long time — making their health a priority.

It is so easy for women to get caught up in motherhood, careers, friendships, family, and succeeding in their expectations for each that they often put themselves and their health goals to the wayside.

This National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, take time for yourself to relax, exercise, and get healthy.

Why Do Women Not Exercise?

After signing on a client, I often talk to their family, who are typically their support primary system, to help understand the client and their unique needs. They wish the woman in their life took more time for herself because they feel she does more than what is expected of her.

They want her to take a break for personal development or to just “pause” the day to feel better. Most of the factors that are holding back female gym goers from exercising are:

  • Lack of support with healthy eating habits at home.
  • Lack of discipline during events where poor food choices can be made
  • Not enough meal frequency throughout the day.
  • Schedule conflicts over gym time
  • Lack of knowledge about navigating through a health facility to get the type of exercise they need.

What many of us ladies often don’t realize is that without taking designated time for ourselves, we will always be lacking in some aspect – whether it’s energy, positivity, or peace of mind.

Get Motivated

Events like National Women’s Health & Fitness Day are an incredible way to get women out of a routine that only benefits those around them and into healthier habits.

Learning how to take time for yourself, making better choices and exercises that will have you feeling like you can tackle any day life throws at your way are just around the corner!

I beg all women to find local events that are taking place to get motivated or to refresh their current efforts. Better yet, host an event yourself; invite your closest girlfriends, family members, and coworkers and set the example.

We are all stronger than we think. This day will provide us with the tools, resources, accountability, and mindset we all need to be the Superwoman we all try to be.

Lift one another up in encouragement around your community. Show everyone else what we as women are capable of while donating to several good causes and having fun with your favorite ladies.

Happy National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.

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