Kick Those Bad Eating Habits

January 27, 2017

Now that we are through the holidays with all of the cookie baking and comfort foods, let’s get back on track. Kicking bad eating habits can be a difficult task, but so rewarding. Even if you are someone who is trying to begin eating healthy, these tips will work for you as well.

Take a look at everything that you are eating. Does it seem healthy to you? How many sugary items are you consuming in a day? How does your body feel? Are you reaching your goals by eating this way or has nothing changed? Whether it’s foods filled with sugar, salt, or fat, it can be managed. These questions will show you what needs to be taken out of your daily food intake or just changed to a healthier option.

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It takes 21 days to stop a bad eating habit. Cut out the bad foods you are consuming and try something new. Find healthier versions of the same recipes incorporated with good whole ingredients. It may not look the same and may not be what you are used to tasting, but it’s so much better for your body. Do this week by week and record your results and how you feel.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, not something you should obsess over or be annoyed with. You should have fun with your food because eating well is not supposed to be the boring plain old chicken and broccoli deal. And if that’s how you think of it, there needs to be a change of mind. This food is to help your body be the best that it can be and to perform the way it needs to.

Remember, you are not on a diet. You are simply making a lifestyle change by modifying your eating habits. By the end of the 21 days, you won’t be craving those comfort foods as much and once you eat them again your body is not going to like it.

When you kick bad eating habits, you will feel different at first. You may feel tired and have mood swings. That’s because you’re taking things away from your body that it’s so used to. It’s like an addiction. The more you consume good foods on a regular basis, the more your body will thank you for it. Eating properly for your body aids in regular digestion and overall functions that it takes on. Good nutrition can help with chronic diseases including arthritis and diabetes. Healthy eating habits also help with reducing inflammation in your body. All of that “water weight” is not just caused from a lack of water consumption, but from the inflammation your body takes on just from poor food choices.

Treat Yourself

Take times to treat yourself. We all need it for our own sanity. Pick one meal on one or two days out of the week (separate from each other) where you know you are going to cheat and eat something you love. It makes it all worth it knowing that you are taking care of your body and still having a little treat here and there. Soon enough, you have made a change that is great for your body and is most likely even showing some results on the outside that you have been working for.

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