Is walking better than running?

June 7, 2013

The age-old debate rages on: Which is better for you, walking or running? The answer? It depends on who you talk to, and what home gym equipment you use.

Findings published by statistician Dr. Paul Williams from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory revealed that it can really go both ways. In fact, it seems that both walking and running have numerous health benefits, they just differ.

For example, for people exercising with the intention of losing weight, running may be the way to go. This is because you expend 2.5 times more energy running than walking. Exercising on a TRUE Fitness treadmill can also help you reach your weight-loss goal because it comes equipped with preset workout programs designed to help you get the most out of your run.

Walking, on the other hand, can have a huge positive impact on your health in other ways. According to Williams’ findings, brisk walking can reduce your risk of heart disease more effectively than running.

Walking is also be an extremely beneficial form of exercise for people who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. Running can be extremely painful for these individuals, causing them to avoid exercise altogether. However, walking on the orthopedically correct surface of a TRUE Fitness treadmill can further reduce the impact on joints and knees.

In other words, whether you want to walk or run, you’ll see health benefits. The key is to exercise in the first place.

“The more the runners ran, and the walkers walked, the better off they were in health benefits,” Williams explained in the report. “People are always looking for an excuse not to exercise but now they have a straightforward choice to run or walk and invest in their future health.”