In a hurry? Try these one-day diet tricks

January 17, 2013

With a busy schedule and not enough time to burn off calories on your home gym equipment before your big date, there’s often little you can do to drop a few pounds last minute. However, there are a few diet tricks to try out to help tighten you up without depriving yourself of food or taking part in crazy cleanses. Here are a few easy ways to feel better about your body instantly:

Fill up on fruits and veggies
Nobody is ever excited to slip into their swimsuit after eating a big meal or not exercising for a few days in a row – especially if you’re feeling a bit bloated. Luckily, eating the right foods can reduce this bloating so you look ready for beach season. Women’s Health magazine suggested filling up on broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. If you’re not a vegetable fan, opt for fruits like watermelon, pineapples, strawberries and blueberries. These food will keep you safe from bloating, which is often caused by salt and fat.

Opt for spicy
Adding a bit of spice to your meals can actually help jumpstart your metabolism. Studies have shown that having a bit of a kick in your food can give your metabolism a temporary rise – about 8 percent greater than the normal metabolic rate, according to Fit Day. Capsaicin, found in jalapenos, cayenne and habaneros has a slimming effect and works as an anti-inflammatory. So if you have a hot date later, grab the hot sauce!

Turns out, reaching for a small snack before a meal can help you to eat less later on. If you sit down for a meal absolutely famished, you’re probably going to eat a lot more than you originally planned. By eating snacks, you’ll be less likely to overindulge. According to CNN Health, snacking can help keep your blood sugar and your metabolism up. Reach for healthier snacks like a handful of grapes, apples and peanut butter or string cheese and crackers.

Eat earlier
If you start your day a bit earlier than usual and eat the most food early in the day, you may be less likely to eat more later.

“Many dieters try to trim calories from their breakfast and lunch and then get hungry,” explained Elisabetta Politi, nutrition manager at Duke Diet and Fitness Center. “Research shows the calories you eat earlier in the day help you eat less at night.”

This method is perfect if you know you have a date that night or somewhere to be the next day where you don’t want to feel fatigued and bloated.

Of course, doing a bit of cardio may help tighten up those muscles and leave you feeling a bit more refreshed as well. TRUE Fitness has created a line of award-winning cardio equipment that works to keep you comfortable and motivated throughout your workout with orthopedic-friendly machines and virtual trainers.