Importance of Tracking Your Workouts

October 10, 2014

It is often hard to find the necessary motivation needed to make yourself start working out, as well as to keep going once you have started. There is a simple and easy solution to this problem that we all seem to face: track your workouts! Utilizing online and/or mobile fitness logs can greatly increase your motivation to get moving. A great example of app is the TRUE Fitness app. Downloading the app is absolutely FREE and is a great way to provide you with everything you need to keep yourself motivated!

With this app you can set fitness goals each week, keep track of all workouts (including statistics: distance, time, and calories), and receive that extra little bit of encouragement from the motivational coaches available to choose from. For a lot of us, that feeling after a good workout is just not enough to keep us on the right track at all times. We want to see the results immediately, and this app allows us to. The TRUE Fitness app offers a visual representation of your progress, as well as an overall total of how much you have accomplished toward each of your fitness goals. Now it’s easy to see how far you have come and how little you have left to go!

In order to accurately calculate the results of each workout you complete, the equipment you are using needs to know the basics: age, height, weight, and gender. All of this information must be entered each and every time you work out in order to generate accurate post-workout statistics. With the TRUE Fitness app, you simply enter in the data ONCE, and the app and equipment will keep track of it for you. The time formerly spent entering data into equipment is now spent working out!

Not only does this app keep track of all your workout information, but it does it all on its own! You no longer have to take the time to log each workout; this app automatically communicates and updates with the TRUE Fitness equipment via Bluetooth technology. In addition to this app accurately logging each workout effortlessly, it provides weekly status updates of your workouts/progress, daily message reminders, and missed workout reminders. This encourages you to stay right on track with all of your fitness goals. Who needs a personal trainer when you have the TRUE Fitness app?!

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! This fitness app can be accessed on any computer with internet access by going to the TRUE Fitness website, as well as any smartphone with app-downloading capability. Happy tracking!