How to stick to your workout plan

March 26, 2013

Sometimes the biggest battle when it comes to getting fit isn’t the workout itself, it’s sticking to your fitness plan. New Year’s resolutions and warm spring weather may inspire you to take on a new workout routine, but what happens when it’s no longer new and exciting? Follow these tips to get up the motivation to stick with your exercise plan and reach your fitness goals:

1. Treat yourself
Investing in a quality fitness treadmill or elliptical machine for your home gym will help you stay motivated to follow your fitness regimen. The TRUE Fitness PS100 treadmill is built with extremely durable materials, so you know it will withstand years of running. This treadmill also comes equipped with an LCD screen that makes it easier for you to monitor your progress towards achieving your fitness or weight loss goals.

2. Make it a natural part of your day
You brush your teeth and change your clothes every day, so why not make exercise a can’t-miss part of your daily routine? Carve out a time in your schedule that you can devote to exercise each day, even if it’s only half an hour – pretty soon it will become second nature.

3. Make a bet
To make sure you stick with your fitness plan, try making a bet with friends (or enemies, if you really want to get motivated). You’re more likely to follow your workout plan and achieve your goals if you have someone holding you accountable.

4. Find a workout partner
Speaking of accountability, exercising with someone can be another key factor in successfully sticking to your workout routine. It may be easy to cancel on yourself if you’re “not in the mood,” but the prospect of explaining your laziness to someone else may just be enough to get you to the gym.

5. It’s OK to be selfish
Exercise tends to come second to other aspects of life, especially when unexpected plans come up. Don’t be afraid to get selfish about your workout time. After you’ve set a schedule, make your workout a priority – your friends will understand.

6. Don’t get too comfortable
Once you’ve gotten used to exercising regularly, switch up your workout to keep things exciting. If you start to go through the motions without thinking you may become bored with your workout. Don’t let that happen! You’ll be in danger of ditching your exercise routine altogether.