How to Show Your Support for Bike MS All Winter Long

November 20, 2015

RES Show MS SupportEven though cycling season has come to an end and the Bike MS events have finished for the season, there are still ways that you can show your support and help raise awareness for this great cause. Bike MS is a ride sponsored by the National MS Society to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research. TRUE Fitness is a proud sponsor of Bike MS and we encourage you to show your support for MS in the following ways:

Train During the Off-Season

While the season for Bike MS events may have come to a close, you certainly do not have to give up cycling altogether! Continue your training in preparation for next year’s events with the new Bike MS Cycling Bike from TRUE Fitness. Not only will you be able to stay on track with your training, but you will be spreading awareness by displaying the Bike MS logo while completing your training.

Make Donations for MS Research

A great way to contribute to this worthy cause while spreading support and awareness is to donate toward Multiple Sclerosis research. With each donation, researchers are getting closer to finding a cure for this devastating disease and gaining valuable information to help those suffering from it. Making a donation on behalf of a friend or family member is a fantastic way to spread the word and also makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Educate Yourself & Others About MS

Knowledge is power. During the off-season for the Bike MS events, be sure to stay educated on the latest developments within the organization and with the disease. The National MS Society has great information on their website which is updated regularly, so be sure to check back now and then for updated information regarding:

  • Informational sessions
  • Upcoming events
  • How to get involved

Want to Learn More About Bike MS?

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