How the Bike MS Exercise Bike Compares to Other Models

November 27, 2015

holiday bike msThe holiday season is here, which means it’s the season of giving and eating delicious meals with family and friends. After the holiday season concludes, many of us strike up new-found motivation to get our bodies back into shape for the New Year after indulging in all of that fantastic holiday food. So, how about this year you combine you or your loved one’s fitness motivation with the spirit of giving back to your community with the Bike MS Cycling Bike? Take a look below and see if the Bike MS Cycling Bike is the right fit for you or the cyclist in your family:

Perfect for Seasoned Bikers

The Bike MS branded cycling bike is the ideal fit for someone who is already involved in the cycling world, either as a hobby or as an avid cyclist participating in events throughout the year. It features multi position handle bars so users can mimic their stance when actually cycling, as well as a typical bike seat.

The simplicity of this piece is intentional and necessary in order to provide users with a realistic cycling experience. Users can increase resistance on the bike to mimic uphill bike rides as well as lessen the resistance for a much needed “downhill” break. The drive system on this bike is also much different than TRUE’s typical exercise bikes as it encompasses a BELT Direct Drive System with a 46.2 pound fly wheel axel. This type of drive system allows the bike to realistically resemble the function and motion of an actual cycling bike.

More TRUE Exercise Bike Offerings

If you’re unsure if the Bike MS is right for you or the biker in your family, TRUE offers many other versions of exercises bikes, including both recumbent bikes and uprights. These exercise bikes are much more focused on the cardio workout itself, rather than preparing the user for a cycling event. These bikes provide the user with comfortable, cushioned seats, technologically advanced console options, and much more.

The PS and ES exercise bike series would be ideal for users looking to complete a cardio workout that will focus on their leg muscle groups. The make-up of these exercise bikes is also very different, which provides a very different exercise experience and outcome for the user. Our recumbent and upright bikes utilize a drive motor and crank system versus a belt drive and fly wheel in the Bike MS Cycling Bike. These bikes are designed to provide users with an exercise that is user friendly, effective and enjoyable.

Veteran or beginner, you can find the perfect bike for the biker in your family online at TRUE Fitness, where you can easily compare different bikes against each other.

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