How Can Incline Adjustments Improve My Fitness?

April 2, 2014

When it comes to cardio training on a treadmill, fitness enthusiasts everywhere take a myriad of approaches. Some people swear by walking, saying that “slow and steady wins the race.” Others believe speed is the cure for better cardio. But what about incline? How does incline adjustment truly improve your level of fitness?

At Gym Source, we’ve seen the research. And studies show that walking at an incline increases your hamstring and glute activity by 635% and 345%, respectively, when compared to walking on a flat surface. And don’t feel like you have to set your incline levels at their maximum, either. You’ll achieve results even at an incline rise of just three degrees. Of course the speed demons aren’t completely wrong – your muscle activity at any given incline is even greater if you run as opposed to walk.

Incline workouts are also great for interval training. Most people think of interval training as alternating periods of walking with running. The idea is that you can both raise your heart rate and challenge your metabolism. But you don’t have to use speed as the variable -incline works well, too, and can push your workout to new levels. Not only will you test your cardiovascular system, but you can stay safe regardless of your circumstances. For instance, incline interval training can be a much more effective form of training if you are overweight or recovering from an injury.

And did you know? Walking or running at an incline actually causes your lungs to breathe deeper and increases the blood flow going to your lungs and heart. Everyone loves to burn calories – and all else being equal, you’ll burn more when exercising at an incline. Walking or running on a flat surface simply doesn’t require as much energy as doing the same workout at an upward angle.

The good news is that all TRUE Fitness treadmills, like the TRUE PS825 and the TRUE ES900, have a built-in incline option to give you the most challenging workout you can handle. Many TRUE treadmills even adjust to angles of up to 12-15%! With such a wide selection, you’re bound to find a TRUE treadmill that offers everything you need in a piece of fitness equipment – incline included.

The following article has been provided to us by our friends at Gym Source.