Get Running with One of These Fitness Plans

July 14, 2016

Whether you’re a running junkie or new to the concept, there are many fitness plans out there that are pre-designed to get women like you up and running. Here are some pre-designed fitness plans you can choose from based on your running needs. Just remember to wear the proper gear and talk to your doctor before your start a new training program.

Get Started with Couch to 5Kwoman-1418458_640

Want to run in a marathon (or just start running) but are not sure where to start? Couch to 5K is for women who want to run in an event, but are not physically fit enough to run a 5K. This program encourages careful planning like when and where you will run as to better fit into your lifestyle. Even if you are already a runner, you can benefit from the program too—especially if you’re recovering from an injury or illness.

Run Faster with Speed Conditioning

Want to be able to run faster? A speed conditioning workout is designed to help you run faster regardless of whether you are a beginner or expert at running. These plans contain interval training—alternating between:

  • Sprints
  • Walks
  • Runs

These programs also give you tips and tricks to running safely at higher speeds. By taking it slowly over several weeks, you will be able to gradually and safely increase your speed.

Maintain Your Fitness with Maintenance Training

If you’re already a runner who wishes to maintain their fitness while taking a break from running marathons, there is a plan for you. Maintenance training keeps your running game up to speed so you don’t lose your groove when taking a break from marathons. This type of training usually involves keeping your running intensity the same, but for shorter periods of time

Run Better with Strength Trainings

While cardio is important for running, don’t neglect your strength exercises. There are many strength programs for runners designed to help prevent injury and improve performance. These programs are designed for any woman who wishes to start running or get better at it. By strengthening your body, you will also be able to easily run over more difficult terrain like hills.

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