Get Jacked, Ladies! Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Building Muscle

October 8, 2015

In the world of women’s fitness, women are constantly told they should not “bulk up” when exercising by magazines, websites, even some gyms. Instead, the term “toned” is used to refer to gaining lean muscle and maintain a feminine figure at the same time. It’s time to put all of that nonsense to rest and provide you with the real goods about women’s health and weight training.

Accept Your Body Type

Many women steer clear of weight training exercises because they fear becoming bulky from the added muscle. Don’t be! Every person, no matter their age or gender, has a unique body that requires different needs. Women today need to become more accepting of their body type and avoid trying to conform to what society says is right.

Society has always pushed a specific perception of what women should look like, but these views are arbitrary, change constantly, and don’t necessarily match up with staying physically fit and healthy. In order to reach your fullest physical potential, incorporate cardio and weight training into your workout regimen.

Rid Your Mind of “Feminine” vs. “Masculine”

Despite popular belief, gaining muscle mass is not “masculine”; it’s simply how the human body gets stronger. If you become “bulky,” that doesn’t mean that you are any less feminine or more masculine. It means that you are strong and physically fit and healthy. By ridding yourself of the notion of what’s “feminine”  or “masculine,” you will be able to work out with confidence and improve your mental and emotional health.

Get the Most Out of Weight Training

Weight training has many benefits that you need to take advantage of in order to maintain your physical fitness. Building muscle burns calories just like cardio does, but it does so in a different way and targets different areas of the body. This targeted exercise is necessary for physical improvement and should be incorporated into your fitness routine. Becoming stronger is not only essential for our physical health but empowers women…especially when it comes to tackling tasks that require increased strength.

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