Four ways to run faster on your treadmill

February 22, 2013

Whether you're just jumping into running or are looking to get a more intense workout, running a bit faster will help you to torch the calories. However, this is often easier said than done. Once fatigue sets in, it's hard to keep up that fast pace. Here are a few ways to maintain an intense workout and increase your speed on the treadmill:

Use home treadmills to your full advantage
TRUE's PS100 Treadmill offers one of the largest running surfaces in the industry, giving you the necessary amount of room for longer, faster and more effective strides. This piece of home gym equipment also has a wireless heart rate monitoring system. This will help you make sure that you're working out to your full potential.

Fuel your body
Much like a car, you need to fill your body with the right materials in order for it to run properly. If you fill up on fat-packed snacks, you're likely to feel sluggish and your run will suffer. Shape Magazine suggested eating fiber-filled, complex carbohydrates. This could include brown rice, multi-grain crackers, oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes or apples and walnuts.

Eating the right foods after your workout is just as important. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, consuming protein and some carbohydrates is best immediately following exercise. Shape Magazine recommended finishing off your workout with a protein shake, steamed vegetables, multigrain bread and peanut butter or quinoa.

Hill training
According to Runner's World, utilizing the incline on your treadmill will help to improve your stamina and speed. Try increasing the incline for one minute, then lower the incline for a minute of recovery. Keep repeating this for a great workout and effective results. TRUE treadmills are also equipped with preset programs that offer hill training as well as interval training to increase your speed.

Pump up the tunes
When you're working out, having an exercise playlist ready to go on your iPod can really help to amp up your workout to the next level. Your favorite song can be just what you need to finish an intense sprint and give you the push you need to keep going. In fact, according to a study at the University of Plymouth in the UK, those who turned up the tempo and volume of their music saw increased speed and heart rates. Both TRUE's PS850 Treadmill and ES900 Treadmill are iPod compatible so you can have a great workout while listening to your favorite tunes.