Five ways to overcome mental blocks in your running routine

February 14, 2013

We’ve all been there. One moment you’re running along, contentedly following your workout routine or training for your next race, and then it hits you: self-doubt. A mental block can be as detrimental to your exercise routine as a physical injury. According to Runner’s World, self-intimidation can result in “failure-oriented stress” that tightens muscles, distracts you from your goals and can even hamper coordination, making it difficult to find your stride. Here’s a few mental comebacks to help you banish self-doubt and get back up on your TRUE Fitness treadmill:

1. It’s OK to change your plans
If you accidentally sleep in or a last minute meeting comes up that infringes upon your running time, don’t panic. It’s OK to tweak your routine to accommodate your schedule. Life happens, and you shouldn’t label yourself a failure because you had to deviate from your plan for a day. You’re allowed a day of rest.

2. Take pride in yourself
Don’t be intimidated by entering a race for the first time. Take pride in the fact that you had the courage to sign up in the first place. Remember: Any number of factors can affect your performance - everything from age to past injuries – so don’t compare yourself to other runners.

3. Don’t dwell on your fears
Having doubts and fears is natural, but dwelling on them can prevent you from improving, sports psychologist Doug Hankes explained in Runner’s World. Listen to your body and allow yourself to rest if necessary. Spend your running time focusing on your improvement rather than what the next race outcome will be.

4. Find the right treadmill
There’s a ton of great fitness equipment that can help keep you motivated. Running on a TRUE Fitness treadmill with preset and saved programs can remind you that you’ve completed certain workouts before and you’re capable of doing it again. The TRUE HRC Cruise Controlâ„¢ available on many TRUE Fitness treadmills, such as the TRUE Z5.0, will help you maintain your target heart rate and achieve your goals.

5. Refocus
If you find yourself worrying too much, take a moment to remember why you love running in the first place. The next few times you exercise, forget about your goals and just have fun. If you recapture the joy you found in running it will make it easier to meet those goals later on.