Everything You Need to Know about TRUE’s Monument Workouts

September 8, 2016

Located all around the globe are landmarks, both man-made and natural, that are enough to take your breath away. As much as we all desire, we cannot travel to each world monument to exercise. With that in mind, the new Monument Workouts from TRUE encourage fitness enthusiasts to visit these landmarks without ever leaving the gym.

Tackle the Monument Workouts in the Gym

Hold on, isn’t the point of working out on international monuments to actually be at the site of said monument? Not exactly. TRUE Fitness has solved this issue for you with the new Monument Workouts featured on TRUE’s Alpine Runner. With this new program, users are ableto climb to the heights of internationally-famous landmarks like the St. Louis Arch, Mt. Everest and the Eiffel Tower—just to name a few.

Incline Training for a Full-Body Workout

Monument Workouts are an option for all users utilizing the Alpine Runner for incline training—a type of treadmill workout operating at steeper inclines than a traditional treadmill. TRUE’s Alpine Runner offers an incline range of -3% to 30%. Incline training offers many benefits including:

  • Muscle building: When incline training, you activate more muscles than when you’re exercising on a flat surface. At an incline, the calves and glutes are built stronger while other muscles throughout the legs experience a different and more efficient workout.
  • Calorie & fat burning: Calories are burned more quickly on incline trainers; therefore you burn more calories when climbing at a steep incline than those that run on a flat surface. In addition, the human body burns more calories differently when exercising on an incline. Studies show that when running flat, a body first burns carbohydrates as opposed to incline training which burns fat first.
  • Strain reduction: The reduction in strain comes both from the joints and the heart. Incline training increases a user’s heart rate without speeding up the entire body giving someone the same heart-healthy benefits of running while walking. The tilt while training on an incline alleviates the strain on your knees, hips, ankles, and back.

Monument Workouts are built for those who like to track workout goals by distance rather than by a measurement of time and available now exclusively on the Alpine Runner from TRUE Fitness. Be on the lookout at your local gym for the Alpine Runner from TRUE Fitness to try the Monument Workouts today.

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