BRRRRaving the Cold: Tips for Running in Wintery Weather

November 17, 2016

That time has come again. Winter fast approaches as more leaves fall off of trees each day. For many runners, winter signifies the transition from outdoor running to indoor running. Follow this list of outdoor running tips to be sure to stay frostbite-free this year:

Wear the Right Shoes

With winter comes snow, and when that snow does melt, be sure to keep your feet warm and free of the slushy after-snow. Run in shoes with the least amount of mesh and wear socks that are water resistant, but warm. That way, your feet can not only avoid freezing, but also:

You may also want to invest in anti-slippage covers for your shoes, like YakTrax, so your run remains safe and slip-free.

Dress Warmly, but Not Too Warmly

When you dress to run in the winter, dress warm but not warm enough to sweat profusely. The general rule is to dress as if its 20 degrees warmer than it actually is to prevent overheating. When you run, you should be slightly cool and be able to vent air as you get warmed up. Of course, always wear gloves and a hat if it’s cold enough.

Wear Bright, Reflective Clothing

With limited daylight options, chances are that you will be caught running in less-than-perfect light at some point. Be sure to wear reflective, fluorescent gear and avoid light colors like white. You’ll end up blending in with the snow, making it difficult for vehicles and others to see you. Last by not least, always  carry a small flashlight, especially if you are running at the end of the day. The sun may set faster than you expected and you don’t want to be left in the dark..

Consider Wearing a Mask

For those of who are likely to have a coughing fit or allergies while running, consider covering your mouth and nose to prevent dry lungs. Not only will you run be more comfortable, but your face will be warmer and will help prevent an attack if you’re asthmatic.

Adjust Your Workout as Needed

Do not be afraid to adjust your workout to make it shorter or skip it altogether. The wind, temperature, and conditions of winter are always unpredictable, so it’s best to exercise caution. When debating on running in harsher conditions, remember that one day off is a small inconvenience compared to a week or more of illness or injury.

If you prefer not to skip a day, you can always run indoors on at home treadmill. Or you can switch up workout for one that can be all done indoors, like rock climbing.

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