Benefits Of Indoor Biking.

Benefits Of Indoor Biking

September 16, 2021

You are either an avid biker, enjoy a leisure ride, or just beginning to bike. When you bike outside you know that the weather can’t be controlled, the amount of daylight can’t be controlled, the activity level on the trail can’t be controlled. The one thing that can be controlled is your indoor bike, specifically the TRUE ES900 Upright Bike. This premium, quiet and smooth indoor bike can make your biking experience precisely what you are looking for any time of day, in any weather condition, at your own pace.

The Benefits Of Indoor Biking

Reason #1 – One main reason people enjoy biking is that it is a form of cardio to burn calories without impacting the joints. As stated on the Insider, “An intense 45-minute session of biking indoors can burn 350-600 calories”. With the TRUE ES900 Upright, you can do this intense session day or night, rain or shine, at the comfort of your own space.

Reason #2 People enjoy indoor biking because of the unique challenges, courses, and immersive experiences that bikes provide. The TRUE ES900 puts you in the moment with its immersive T9 console giving you the ability to set your workout into high gear with the ability to store up to six activities from rolling hills to a full marathon. Depending on how you feel, you can customize your workouts in your own home with the TRUE ES900 Upright Bike.

Reason #3 – A key feature that people love about indoor biking is accessibility, serviceability, and cleanliness. While you’re in your own space keeping your bike clean, maintained, and easy to use is essential to you! The TRUE ES900 has easy-to-use ergonomic aero bars, and armrests provide maximum body control, power, and stability.

The sleek design and low step-over height are designed for those seeking a realistic biking experience. As the 900 stands, it is easy to clean and comes with lifetime warranties to make the investment in your bike and yourself a win-win.

The TRUE ES900 Upright Bike Bottom Line

Overall, the TRUE ES900 Upright gives you the ability to go the distance in your own space, at your own time, and in any weather. Indoor biking is not just good for yourself physically; it is suitable for your mind. There is no need to create any extra hassle cleaning a dirty bike, fighting the weather, or riding through a crowded path when you have the TRUE ES900 Upright in your own home!