Beat the Resolution Lag: Staying Fit Past January

February 5, 2015

iStock_000035655532_DoubleMany of us get ourselves pretty excited at the start of the New Year. We tell ourselves we really will keep our New Year’s resolutions this year no matter what. But when the hype of the holiday season is over, finding the motivation to stick to our promises gets gradually more difficult.

Fitness resolutions are one of the top three resolutions people make for themselves each year. Not surprisingly, they are also the top resolutions that people fail to follow through with every year. If you find yourself lagging on your hopes and dreams of a healthy, fit body, try these tricks to stay motivated:

  • Use a calendar in addition to the treadmill
  • Create a personal fitness space
  • Ditch the gym (no, seriously!)

Schedule Workouts On Your Calendar

The first week of sticking to your resolution is always the easiest because you have the excitement and motivation to get going. But when that dies down (and it will) we need a physical reminder to keep going. Marking exercise on your calendar is a great way to ensure you make time for it.

This Technique Works Because…
  • Writing down a goal has been proven to increase people’s success
  • You’ve scheduled time in your day for working out. No more excuses that you ran out of time!
  • The satisfaction of marking it off your calendar is just another reward for staying healthy

Dedicate a Workout Space

Public and private gyms are not the only places you can work out. However, finding space to workout at home is difficult and we may give up all too soon. Spare rooms, basements, and even a larger corner in your bedroom can be transformed into your own “home gym” you can use for jump roping, push ups, lunges, and more. Even better: deck out your new personal gym by adding a piece of home gym equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine.

This Technique Works Because…
  • You can workout in the privacy of your own home. Instead of feeling self-conscious about how you look to other gym members, you can fully focus on your workout goals.
  • Working out doesn’t have to be an “event.” You can sneak in a short spurt within your daily routine.

Invest in Home Gym Equipment

Making the New Year’s resolution to hit the gym a few times each week is great, but let’s face it: After a long day at work, you just want to head home. Investing in home gym equipment is the perfect happy medium.

This Technique Works Because…
  • Fully functional gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes give you a more comprehensive workout routine than workouts that don’t include equipment.
  • Adding home gym equipment provides a consistent physical reminder that motivates to get you moving.
  • Making a significant investment on a piece of equipment is one more reason why you will continually make yourself put it to good use.

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