A treadmill workout to tone your thighs

April 24, 2013

If you're hoping that your home gym equipment will help you get the toned body you're looking for in time for the dreaded summer bikini season, you're in luck! Although firming your thigh muscles can be difficult, given the right equipment and a dedicated fitness routine, you should be ready to hit the beach in no time.

The TRUE Fitness M50 treadmill gives you the ability to customize workouts, which means you can make sure you work your thighs the way you're supposed to every time. To make sure each of the six muscles in your thighs gets a full workout, you'll need to experiment with the incline of your treadmill and the direction you're walking. For an effective 30-minute workout, try this fitness routine from Prevention:

Begin by walking normally at a moderate pace for five minutes, then turn to the left and walk sideways with your hands on your hips, as if you were shuffling. After two minutes, turn forward and walk briskly for two minutes, then repeat the action on your right side for two minutes. Repeat the cycle.

Next, walk briskly for two minutes while facing forward. Then, reduce the speed until you are comfortable walking backward – don't push yourself too hard or you could cause an injury. After two minutes have passed, face forward and walk at a quick pace for a final two minutes before a short cool down.

If you want to push yourself even harder, try switching up the incline of your home treadmill during the periods of your workout when you are facing forward. Simulating the action of walking up a hill will help tighten your thigh muscles and increase your physical stamina. Combined with a healthy diet and strength-training routine, you'll soon be bikini-ready!