A Rundown of TRUE’s Most Popular Elliptical Machines

November 27, 2015

holiday ellipticalsWhen you purchase a TRUE elliptical this Christmas season, you are making a wise investment that will last you and your loved ones for years to come. All of TRUE’s ellipticals carry the same emphasis on quality that TRUE Fitness has made priority for the last 34 years. So, if all TRUE’s ellipticals have the same outstanding standards and durability, what makes each of our elliptical series so different? TRUE has a machine for everyone. Let’s take a look:

M Series Ellipticals: You Can’t Go Wrong

The M Series ellipticals are a popular home owner choice due to their simple functionality and space-saving design. Perfect for users who desire a simple machine that they can hop on and press go. No fancy programs or buttons: just cardio.

The Motivation “M” Series of TRUE ellipticals provides users with two compact footprint options. A “footprint” is how much floor space the machine occupies while in motion. Therefore, the smaller the footprint, the easier it is to fit inside your home. Both the M30 and the M50 machines provide a:

  • 9 inch step-up height
  • 21 inch stride length
  • 42 inch by 30 inch footprint

If you take after the Spartans and don’t need too many fancy upgrades, the M30 provides the user with just the right amount of safety and protection with foam-dipped exercise arms and molded anti-slip footpads. On the other hand, if you want a machine that is inviting enough to encourage you to work out on a regular basis, the M50’s ergonomic multi-grip exercise arms and orthopedic cushioned soft-grip foot pads will give you the most enjoyable workout.

The PS300 Elliptical: The Most Bang for Your Buck

TRUE’s PS300 Elliptical‘s incredibly compact foot print will satisfy just about every home owner. However, this machine is ideal for a less-than-spacious home setting for more than just its size. TRUE’s patented Core Drive motor makes this elliptical so quiet that there is no need to worry about disturbing others in your home while you’re burning calories.

This elliptical’s sleek, compact design and commercial-grade construction and durability makes it one of our most popular exercise machines. It also features:

  • A lower, more comfortable step-up height
  • A variety of pre-programmed elliptical workouts ready at the touch of a button

This series is desirable for those looking for a more advanced workout experience while being financially conscious.

The ES700 Elliptical: Superior Workouts

The ES700 elliptical is our highest end elliptical for the residential market. Users seek this elliptical for the superior workout experience it provides. In addition to the features of the other ellipticals discussed in this blog like a small footprint and Core Drive system, the ES700 has:

  • Ergonomic handle bars
  • Optional rotating handle grips
  • Extended hand rails
  • Side Steps for Total Body Workout
  • Orthopedic Soft Step foot pads
  • A low 7 inch step-up height
  • Increased console option selection

The ES700 elliptical really does have it all and is perfect for those who are looking for a machine that can give them a superior workout and has all of the bells and whistles.

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