7 Workout Trends We’re Glad Died in the 80’s

October 15, 2014

iStock_000033001284_LargeFitness fanatics increased dramatically during the 1980’s, for reasons no one is certain. Workouts were developed of all styles and types in order to achieve that much-wanted buff bod that everyone seemed to strive for at the time. Much of these workouts were considered to be ‘fads’ and died off rather quickly (phew!). Here are the top seven workout trends that we are glad died in the 1980’s:

1. Jazzercise. This type of exercise was centered on aerobic dance movements that would in turn, burn calories and trim your waistline. It’s hard to believe that this type of workout achieved as much popularity as it did! Classes were held at local fitness clubs as well as available for purchase on VHS tapes, so the workouts could be completed right from your living room.

2. Step Aerobics. This type of fitness fad involved small, portable platforms from which an individual would step on and off repeatedly to achieve an aerobic workout. This strikes me as a silly workout, given that you could achieve the exact same results using the stairs in your home…for free!

3. Richard Simmons Workout Videos. Oh boy, I think we are all happy that this was just a phase! These quirky workouts videos were intended to be at-home workouts primarily for women. Not just one particular exercise was covered with these videos; Mr. Simmons had it all covered.

4. Jane Fonda Workout Videos. Sticking on the topic of at-home workout videos is Jane Fonda. Known as an actress, writer, and activist, she broke into the fitness market that was skyrocketing at the time. Soon, almost every woman in America owned at least one of her oh-so-popular workout videos.

5. Sweatbands. Oh, the sweatband. Thick pieces of stretchy, terry cloth wrapped around your forehead…a workout essential in the 1980’s (that seemed to serve no purpose). And, we’re glad they’re gone!

6. Legwarmers. These are self-explanatory as to why they’re gone. Let’s be honest, they only looked good in Flashdance. And that’s where they should stay!

7. Unitards/Leotards. Featured on every VHS workout video cover were women proudly displaying their neon leotards. This is one of those things that every woman in the 1980’s HAD to have when working out. Now days, women wouldn’t be caught dead in a leo!