5 ways to make that workout fly by

June 9, 2014

We’ve all been there: Whether you work out all the time or are just beginning a fitness routine, the motivation to spend time in your home gym is sometimes lacking. You may be stressed from work, not feeling 100 percent or would just rather sit on the couch watching your favorite TV show. Whatever the case may be, we all need a little push sometimes to get on that home exercise equipment.

Sometimes the problem is that a 60- or even 30-minute session can feel like it drags on forever. This can cause you to lose focus, which can lessen the intensity of a session on your True M50 Home Treadmill, or, even worse, cause you to forget proper form while riding your stationary bike. 

Additionally, becoming bored with a workout plan can lead to fitness plateaus, so you are no longer seeing the results you desire.

Here are some helpful tips to make that workout fly by and keep you on the path to achieving your fitness goals:

Up the intensity: It may seem counterintuitive that pushing yourself harder can make the time seem to go by faster, but when you increase the intensity level, you no longer have time to focus on how many minutes have progressed. Instead, more of your attention turns to completing your session. The other great thing about high intensity workouts? You can complete them in less time – literally. Instead a of 60-minute moderately intense run, shoot for a 30-minute high intensity one.

Make a plan: You may have an overarching fitness plan for the week or month, but it can be a struggle if you hop on the home elliptical machine without a game plan. Instead, structure your daily workout with resistance levels, timing and intervals. You can even work in when to pedal forward and when to pedal backward. This saves time trying to figure out what you want to do – which can zap your energy and enthusiasm – and allows you to get the most out of your session.

Find some new tunes: If you’ve been listening to the same playlist on repeat, chances are you have every song memorized and they no longer do much to get you in the mood for a workout! A great way to make your workout seem faster is to find some new music. High-energy songs with a good beat are great for cardio workout sessions, as they pump up your energy levels and get you excited to run or ride. With your new playlist, the minutes will fly by.

Switch it up: For those who have multiple True Fitness home exercise equipment option, break up your session between them. Instead of 45 minutes on just the treadmill, you can do 20 minutes running then switch over to your True ES900 Home Upright Bike for 20 minutes, followed by a full 5-minute cool down and stretch.

Recruit workout buddies: Workout buddies have proven to be beneficial for fitness. If you prefer to exercise alone, you can still talk with friends or family members who are also completing a fitness plan to compare tips and tricks, setbacks and frustrations. Knowing you’ll talk to your workout buddy after a session gives you something to look forward to during your bike ride.

With these tips, your workouts should no longer be a drag, and you’ll once again look forward to hitting the gym!