5 Fun Halloween-Inspired Workouts for the Whole Family

October 29, 2015

Boy in halloween costume

Halloween is two days away, so what better way to get the kids active than planning some fun Halloween-inspired fitness activities? Keeping the whole family active will not only be a fun family activity, but also offset the lots of goodies everyone will most likely be enjoying that night and for the next couple of weeks.

Spider Crawl

This is a Halloween-twist on the old classic “table top crawl,” a great full-body exercise. Put all hands and feet on the ground with your tummy facing the sky, and crawl around for 30 seconds or so. To make it more interesting, make this particular exercise into a race!

Frankenstein Walk

Everyone knows the Frankenstein monster and his signature gait. But did you know it can really work your leg and abdominal muscles? For this exercise, stand up straight, put your arms straight out in front of you, and keep your legs straight while lifting them each one at a time toward your hands. For added fun, turn this exercise into a relay race.

Pass the Pumpkin

This festive exercise is a twist on medicine ball exercises. Take an uncarved pumpkin that everyone is able to lift and stand in a circle. Toss the pumpkin lightly from one person to another for a great arm workout! This exercise is recommended for children who are older and be sure to stress the importance of not tossing the pumpkin hard.

Walk the Plank

Also known as “wheelbarrows,” a popular exercise-building game, this exercise involves two per team and can easily be made into a race or relay activity. One partner gets on their hands and knees, while the other partner picks up their partners feet. The partner on the ground will walk using their hands. Take turns so each person gets the effect of this workout!

Ghost Fliers

A spooky twist on jumping jacks, this exercise is jumping jacks in slow motion. Instead of straight arms and legs, move your arms in a wave-like motion and bend your knees more than you would for the typical push up. This will create a more ghostly-appearance, as well as work your muscles! Make sure there is plenty of room in between everyone to avoid accidental hits.

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