5 Fitness Trends Every Gym Owner Should Watch

October 13, 2014

iStock_000025394470_XXXLargeFitness Trends are constantly popping up and escalate at a fast rate. In order to hop on the trends as soon as they emerge, you need to know what to be watching for. There are five fitness trends that every gym owner should be aware of right now in order to take full advantage of them.

1. Online Training. Many gyms are now offering their different fitness classes and professional training sessions via streaming over the internet. This trend satisfies those who may not have the time to make it to the gym during normal hours, or prefer to complete their workouts from home. This is an easy way to encourage additional business from those who would normally not purchase from your gym.

2. “Recovery” Workouts. The word “recovery” refers to the workouts/stretches that are to be completed AFTER a workout in order to lock-in optimal results. Your customers would definitely be interested, as they want the absolute best results for their hard work.

3. Express Workouts. These workouts are designed for people who are looking to get an intense workout’s results, in a short timeframe. Maybe an individual can only dedicate a half hour to the gym instead of an hour, but they still want to achieve the results they would have from the longer workout…this is where express workouts come in! Designing intense workouts within a short time span is a great way to satisfy the busier crowd as well as provide new options to others.

4. Yoga. This is one trend that has definitely already started to take off, but it would still be worth taking advantage of at your gym. Offering different types of yoga classes would be extremely beneficial as well, because it would attract a larger market of customers, while providing your current customers with an array of options. Lately, the hype has been all about “hot yoga”, which is the normal yoga session, but it is practiced in a temperature controlled room and set very warm for extra weight loss and relaxation.

5. Posture Exercises. A lot of interest has started to pop up about what people can do to start correcting poor posture. A great way to hop aboard this trend is to offer special classes or sessions at your gym, showing clients specifically what exercises to do and how to do them for improved posture.