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  • TRUE Residential Workout: Cardio Racer

    Getting enough cardio helps improve heart health, so it is important to incorporate it into your daily routine. With the right equipment, you can get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health. Continue reading

  • Creating a Customized Workout Routine That Works For You

    There are many ways to get in shape and love the process at the same time. No one is opposed to being in the best shape of their life, as getting in shape provides a person with:

    Continue reading
  • Being Prepared: Snacking Guilt-Free

    There are always going to be times when we are either just hanging out at the house, on our rest days, or busy running errands and traveling. In those times we need to be prepared to make sure that we stay on track with our food. It’s easy to forget because we get so busy, and our stomachs start rumbling. Then we’re in trouble. We want to grab anything and everything in sight just to satisfy our hunger and typically it’s not the greatest choice. Continue reading

  • How Pets Make Your Family Healthier

    There is almost no greater feeling than cuddling your favorite furry friend after a long day. We know our pets make us happy, but did you know that they also make us healthier? So you can thank your fuzzy buddy for the following benefits: Continue reading

  • Last Minute Gift Giving Tips

    It seems like every year we never allow ourselves enough time for Holiday shopping. We always run out of time and stress ourselves out over picking out the perfect gift. If you find yourself in a bind similar to this one, try out a few of these last-minute gift giving tips this year: Continue reading

  • 33 Minutes Workout Playlist

    Looking to refresh your workout playlist? Check out these new upbeat tracks to keep you moving and motivated!

    30min Playlist
  • Happy Holidays From TRUE Fitness!

    Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. We value our customer relationships and thank you for being our customer. Thank you for choosing TRUE Fitness!

    All the best to you, your family, and your business,

    True Fitness Technology

  • Our Top 8 Reasons a Treadmill Makes the Perfect Gift

    Did you know? Not only is a treadmill an excellent fitness investment in yourself, but it also makes the perfect holiday gift! And with the holidays in high gear, there's never been a better time to consider a TRUE treadmill for someone special.

    That said, we've put together our top 8 reasons to give a TRUE treadmill in 2013. Which reasons are right for your special someone? Take a look: Continue reading

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