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True Fitness Equipment

  • Does The Timing Of Your Workout Affect Performance?

    Thanks to seemingly busier schedules, we all have to work out whenever our schedule allows us to. However, if your schedule is more flexible, you may be wondering if there is an optimal time to work out for maximum results.

    To simply answer the question of “Is there an optimal time to work out?” in general terms, consistency and a routine meal plan will provide optimal results for a performance based event and general health. Continue reading

  • Setting Realistic Fitness Goals For The New Year

    The New Year is almost upon us and that means many people making resolutions to finally get fit in 2018. While setting this lofty goal is made with good intentions, it is also a good way to lose your resolution motivation quickly.

    Here are some tips on setting realistic fitness goals and keeping yourself motivated during the New Year: Continue reading

  • TRUE Fitness Introduces Strength To Home Fitness With The Quickfit

    For years, TRUE Fitness has been a leading manufacturer of premium cardio fitness equipment for your home. Now, we are proud to announce our move into strength training by offering the Quickfit Home Multistation System. Continue reading

  • Using Our Motivators For Success

    We all have something that motivates us, be it a material item we want and must work hard to get, or our desire for our bodies look a certain way. It can also be much more personal, like our family history or just being there for our family and friends for the long haul.

    Whatever our personal motivation is, we need to find it and use it to be able to keep ourselves going strong in our journey to take care of our bodies and health. Continue reading

  • How To Avoid Overeating On Thanksgiving (And Other Major Holidays)

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means a delicious holiday feast with family and friends. Not to mention the obligatory office party!

    With all of these rich holiday foods and sweets, it can be easy to get carried away and overeat. Here are some easy ways to prevent overeating this Thanksgiving, and on other major holidays. Continue reading

  • Transitioning Your Workouts Indoors

    Fall is in the air and within the next few weeks, many of us will be taking our workouts inside. In order to stay motivated and keep you on the path to improved fitness, there are a few tips to consider when moving your workouts from outside back indoors. Continue reading

  • Finding Your Support Systems

    All of us need a good support system when we begin exercising, and that support can come in many forms and fashions.

    Finding a good workout partner is crucial since you will be working out together and can help motivate each other, which is where a lot of your support will come from.

    You can also find support from you family, such as your spouse doing things for you to get your day going or saying encouraging things.

    Here’s what you should know about finding your support system. Continue reading

  • National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

    As a personal trainer, the majority of my clientele are middle-aged women who are for the first time — or the first in a long time — making their health a priority.

    It is so easy for women to get caught up in motherhood, careers, friendships, family, and succeeding in their expectations for each that they often put themselves and their health goals to the wayside.

    This National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, take time for yourself to relax, exercise, and get healthy. Continue reading

  • Healthy Aging: Taking Charge Of Your Life & Wellbeing

    In honor of Healthy Aging Month, let’s discuss a few fitness-related factors that can help you age a bit more gracefully. Some factors that we should take into consideration are your:

    • Strength
    • Nutrition cognitive function
    • Bone density
    • Balance
    • Sleep

    When ignored, all of these factors can speed up the aging process and exacerbate many problems as you get older. Continue reading

  • TRUE Residential Workout: Hill Heart Racer

    Staying conditioned is an important part of your exercise regimen. Not only does it keep your body healthy and up-to-speed, but able to complete difficult physical tasks. Continue reading

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