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Monthly Archives: December 2017

  • Does The Timing Of Your Workout Affect Performance?

    Thanks to seemingly busier schedules, we all have to work out whenever our schedule allows us to. However, if your schedule is more flexible, you may be wondering if there is an optimal time to work out for maximum results.

    To simply answer the question of “Is there an optimal time to work out?” in general terms, consistency and a routine meal plan will provide optimal results for a performance based event and general health. Continue reading

  • Setting Realistic Fitness Goals For The New Year

    The New Year is almost upon us and that means many people making resolutions to finally get fit in 2018. While setting this lofty goal is made with good intentions, it is also a good way to lose your resolution motivation quickly.

    Here are some tips on setting realistic fitness goals and keeping yourself motivated during the New Year: Continue reading

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