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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • How Pets Make Your Family Healthier

    There is almost no greater feeling than cuddling your favorite furry friend after a long day. We know our pets make us happy, but did you know that they also make us healthier? So you can thank your fuzzy buddy for the following benefits: Continue reading

  • Pain vs. Discomfort

    As we established before, the “no pain, no gain” mentality has a very fine line. Bear the pain, but don’t overuse. Push to succeed, but don’t stress over it. But there is also a fine line between preventing injuries and unhealthy habits and not pushing yourself enough to see results. In order to keep excelling and reaching fitness goals, a little discomfort while exercising is to be expected, and it’s important to know when your pain is beneficial rather than harmful. Continue reading

  • Everything You Need to Know about TRUE’s Monument Workouts

    Located all around the globe are landmarks, both man-made and natural, that are enough to take your breath away. As much as we all desire, we cannot travel to each world monument to exercise. With that in mind, the new Monument Workouts from TRUE encourage fitness enthusiasts to visit these landmarks without ever leaving the gym. Continue reading

  • 4 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in an After School Fitness Program

    Now that school has started, you may be wondering if there is an after school program that you child could enroll in so they can have fun and safe place to go after school. And if you do enroll them, what are the benefits? After school programs that have a fitness program can positively impact your child’s physical and mental health in a variety of ways: Continue reading

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