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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Let's Get Real About Youth Sport Concussions

    The rate of youth concussions in contact sports is on the rise and parents all over the country have voiced their concerns on whether their children should be participating in such "dangerous" activities. The University of Kansas Hospital recently shared an article revealing the facts and myths regarding concussions. Continue reading

  • What Your Weight Gain Really Means

    You've been working out for months and have found that instead of losing weight like you wanted, you've gained it instead. What's the deal? Exercising means you'll lose weight, not gain it, right? Not all the time. If you have been working out religiously and have seen your scale number rise, don't panic. Here are a few reasons you may be gaining weight after exercising. Continue reading

  • Post-Pregnancy Fitness: Don't Go Backwards in Life

    During pregnancy, it's normal and natural for weight-gain to occur. Once the delivery date arrives, many women are extremely eager to get rid of the extra baby weight and often partake in fads and bad habits in order to see faster results. However, when working towards your fitness goals after pregnancy, it's important to make sure you are doing it in a way that's healthy for both your body and mind. Continue reading

  • The Perfect Warm-Up for Your Workout

    We all know that warming up before a workout is strongly urged, but do you know which type of warm-up activity will prepare you for your workout the best? Different types of workouts work different parts of the body, and it is important to make sure that all necessary areas are stretched, warmed-up and ready for your workout and reduce your risk of injury.

    Relieve Muscle Knots with Foam Rolling

    Foam rolling is good for relieving trigger points, or "knots", in your muscles. Reliving these “knots” is beneficial, as working muscles with trigger points can be painful and made worse by exercise if not stretched properly. Continue reading

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