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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Tips for fitness-oriented New Year's resolutions

    Tips for fitness oriented New Years resolutions

    Whether you have an actively used membership at the local fitness center or spend most of your exercise routine on home treadmills, the new year is the perfect reason to ramp up your fitness regime. Think about it, the new year represents a new beginning for everyone who celebrates the holiday. Regrettably, it also tends to represent a fair amount of excess for many of us as the celebrations for the event can get a little bit...loud. Nonetheless, it behooves all of us to take this turning of the season to focus on some of the things that we want to improve about ourselves. This year, whether you're happy with your current level of fitness or not, make it a healthy 2015 by adding several health goals to your new year's list of resolutions. Worried that you'll start out strong but fall off with your goals by the time Valentines Day rolls around? No worries. While it's certainly a possibility that things won't go perfectly, following these three pointers can ensure that you're ready for every obstacle the new year throws at your fitness goals. Continue reading

  • Finding the right personal trainer

    How to choose the right personal trainer

    So, you're getting great use out of your awesome new home fitness equipment, but you're really hoping to take your exercise routine and overall health to the next level in the coming months. While establishing a healthy diet that supports your body's needs, developing a more regimented sleep cycle and reducing harmful lifestyle factors are all great starting points, you may want to look into working with a personal trainer. Though these individuals services certainly come at a heightened expense to many other fitness options, they can deliver an extreme amount of value to someone looking to better themselves physically. Still, if you're beginning the search for a personal trainer, the odds are high that you have a lot of questions regarding how to select the right one. Don't fret about it, though, simply following these few tips should help you ensure that you get the most out of your new fitness companion: Continue reading

  • Last Minute Gift Giving Tips

    It seems like every year we never allow ourselves enough time for Holiday shopping. We always run out of time and stress ourselves out over picking out the perfect gift. If you find yourself in a bind similar to this one, try out a few of these last-minute gift giving tips this year: Continue reading

  • Avoiding injury when starting a fitness routine

    Avoiding injury when starting a fitness routine.

    Obviously, leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is a far superior option to the alternative of gradually declining in physical shape. That said, there are important considerations to be had if you're thinking about getting back into shape after a period of significant inactivity. While these concerns range from dealing with finding an appropriate workout regimen to making the time for physical activity to adjusting your diet accordingly, few are quite as important as doing everything in your power to avoid injury. Getting hurt not only has the power to derail your fitness regimen and any progress that you've made, but it can also limit your ability to get back in shape later on. There is good news regarding this, though, and that is that it's entirely possible to avoid injury without going out of your way. In fact, implementing a few simple steps and tricks into your normal workout routine can make a world of difference in your ability to gain heightened levels of fitness while recovering fully between exercise and avoiding injury. Take a look at some of our best pieces of advice for those starting a new fitness routine: Continue reading

  • Selecting the right pair of running shoes

    Finding the right running shoes.

    Whether you have a membership to a local fitness center, spend your time exercising on a variety of home gym equipment of prefer to simply hit the open road to get your physical activity in, you're probably already aware that a good pair of running shoes are one of the most integral investments you can make in your personal fitness. Of course, arriving at this knowledge presents an entire host of questions regarding how to select the pair of shoes that is perfect for you. The reality of the situation may be that there are a vast variety of shoes out there that suit your needs, but the odds are decent that there's an even broader grouping of shoes that won't aid in your fitness and could even lead to increased risk of injury. If you're starting a new exercise routine or are simply in the market for a new pair of shoes, take a look at these few tips for determining which pair is right for you: Continue reading

  • Best workouts for stationary bikes

    The best workouts for stationary bikes.

    If you've recently made the decision to add some new cardio fitness equipment to your home gym setup, then the odds are strong that you've considered investing in one or more stationary bikes. First and foremost, congratulations, as these machines make a wonderful investment for anyone concerned with their cardiovascular fitness or general health. Admittedly, it can be hard to know exactly how to use them once they're out of the box and set up. By this we mean that simply getting on the bike and pedaling for an hour may not be the most pragmatic use of your workout time. Not to worry though, with these creative ideas and tips for the best stationary bike workouts, you'll never have a dull moment while exercising on your new machine: Continue reading

  • Benefits of a high protein diet

    Benefits of high protein diets.

    Whether you are all about the weight room when you work out or you spend the vast majority of your time at the gym on cardio fitness equipment, there's a decent chance that you subscribe to a high protein diet. While there are certainly many different forms and styles of nutrition that all come with a host of varying bodily benefits, it's worth noting that the benefits of a high protein diet are particularly beneficial for people across a wide variety of stages of fitness. If you're looking for a way to alter your diet that can increase your ability to build lean muscle and recover from your workouts more quickly, you may want to consider moving to a high protein option. Take a look at a few of the specific benefits of this dietary regimen: Continue reading

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