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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Work Off Unhealthy Meals with Equal Calorie Burning Workouts

    In order to lose weight and be healthy, you do not have to completely cut out all of your favorite foods; you just have to increase your workouts in order to compensate! Next time you're in the mood for something not-so-healthy, don't sweat it (till later)! Remember that it is okay and you can make up for it later at the gym...just make sure you actually do. Courtesy of AllRecipes.com, below is a recipe for the "World's Best Lasagna," along with all of the nutritional information and the workout it will take to burn off those pesky calories right off! Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

    The Holiday season is upon us, and that means Holiday cooking! Along with the food comes the annual holiday weight-gain. It's come to a point where we all have accepted the fact that we tend to put on a few extra pounds around this time of year. We tell ourselves it's okay to live a little during the holiday's and chuck our diets and exercise programs out the window. Put a stop to the holiday weight gain and try these simple tips as to how to keep the weight off! Continue reading

  • The Best Time to Buy a Gym Membership

    There is no definitive period of time that is best for everyone as a whole to sign up for a gym membership. Each person is different and has different wants/needs when it comes to working out. However, even though no two people are the exact same, the criteria that will help you decide when is best to purchase a gym membership can be useful for everyone. Each of these factors will ultimately help you determine the right time to purchase a gym membership. Continue reading

  • A basic introduction to common workout supplements

    Workout supplements, an introduction.

    It doesn't matter if you spend every waking moment in the gym, already have a personal trainer or are just trying to get as much as possible out of the time you spend using your home fitness equipment; there are always ways to make your workout more efficient. One of the most common methods people employ to ensure that they're getting the most out of their exercise is the use of pre and post workout supplements. These formulated supplements can aid in muscle recovery, build new muscle, increase energy and stamina, help you gain strength, and streamline your diet through the use of antioxidants, proteins, and other chemicals. Still, for people just beginning to enter the world of supplement use, understanding the different purposes behind these varying powders, gels and drinks can seem like an arduous undertaking. No need to worry, though; take a look at this introduction to common workout supplements and supercharge your fitness regiment today! Continue reading

  • How to Tone Without Bulking Up

    Not everyone hits the gym with the intent of bulking up and getting ripped. For those of you who are looking to simply tone while keeping your slender figures, this post is for you! Steering clear of weights all together is not the way to achieve toning results, and it definitely does not mean you will be packing on the "bulk" if you do use weights. The key is a happy medium, Strengthening your muscles is imperative in order to achieve those nice toned muscles. Here are a few ways to tone up without bulking up: Continue reading

  • Day-of-the-Week Workout Routine

    An easy way to keep yourself on schedule with your workouts is to develop a routine so that it becomes second-nature. Dedicating each day of the week to a specific exercise, or area of focus, is an easy way to do this! Spreading a full workout into separate daily sessions will motivate you to keep working out all week long, so that you can target all areas. Completing a full body workout in one day may convince you that it was good enough for a few days. However, if you dedicate one day to legs, one day to arms, and so on, it will make you WANT to complete your small daily workout in order to get closer to accomplishing your overall full body workout. Here are a few suggestions for a day-of-the-week workout routine: Continue reading

  • Properly hydrating with a workout regimen

    Proper hydration for any workout.

    Whether you're an avid weight lifter, a competitive athlete playing a team sport or you spend your fitness time on the elliptical machine, it's pivotal that you develop a strong sense of proper hydration. While many people think that simply drinking a relatively large volume of water throughout the day is ample for your hydration needs, being more tactical about your consumption of water and electrolytes can help you reach the next plateau in your fitness training. Take a look at these hydration tips and try implementing them into your next few workouts. You're bound to notice some positive results: Continue reading

  • 5 Healthy Cookie Recipes

    We all love to bake around the holiday season, but who says that has to be an unhealthy tradition? Below are five recipes for our favorite holiday cookies, with a healthier twist. These cookies are shorter on the calories, but taste just like the cookies we all know and love! Continue reading

  • How to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace

    In order to obtain an overall healthy lifestyle, it is important to incorporate all aspects of your life, this includes the workplace. Corporate wellness generates many positive outcomes in regards to their employees as well as for the company itself. Here are a few benefits to incorporating a wellness program at the workplace. Continue reading

  • Why Treadmills Make a Workout More Enjoyable

    Not everyone considers working out to be an enjoyable activity. In fact, some people simply hate it. People who love to run will need little motivation to throw on their shoes and go for a quick run outside. On the other hand, people who have a hard time motivating themselves to get active need a bit more of an enticement to get going. TRUE's treadmill lines have done a great job catering to all types of people, including those who have little interest in working out. With 7 commercial treadmills and 5 different consoles to choose from, there is literally a perfect treadmill for everyone! Continue reading

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