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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Cooking Items

    For most of us, our favorite meals tend to be more on the unhealthy side of things rather than on the healthy side. There are ways that you can transform your once unhealthy meal into a healthy one. How? Substituting the unhealthy ingredients for healthy alternatives! Below are some great substitutes to use next time you're cooking: Continue reading

  • 7 of the most common running mistakes

    7 of the most common running mistakes

    Running isn't just a great way to burn calories and get stronger muscles, it can also be a form of stress relief and help to boost your mood thanks to feel-good endorphins. But if you're a new runner, there are a few mistakes you may be making that could take away from your workout and cause potential injury. Get the most out of home treadmills by avoiding these fitness blunders: Continue reading

  • Trick or Treat! 10 Candies to Avoid this Halloween

    Halloween is another one of those holidays when we give ourselves some slack and indulge in some not-so-good for you treats. Here is a list of 10 candies full of sugar and calories that you definitely want to stay away from this year! Continue reading

  • Must-have kitchen tools for a healthy diet

    Must-have kitchen tools for a healthy diet

    Running on home treadmills or riding stationary bikes are both great ways to improve your cardio and get in shape. However, exercise is only half the battle when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. It's important that you watch what you eat in the kitchen so that you don't discount all the hard work you just did in the gym. Continue reading

  • 6 Health Benefits of Physical Activity

    There are many reasons as to why people continually harp over the benefits that physical fitness can provide. Many of these benefits are health related and can improve a person's overall medical health. According to an article written by Mayo Clinic, there are 6 main benefits that physical activity provides. Continue reading

  • 5 Alternative Ways to Achieve a Full Body Workout on a Treadmill

    If you ever find yourself getting bored with the same old treadmill workout routine, shake things up by adding in some different moves. A treadmill doesn't just have to be used strictly for walking and running; get creative and mix it up! Here are five different exercises you can add to your treadmill workout: Continue reading

  • The Benefits of Yoga

    Many people tend to judge and toss aside the idea of practicing yoga without knowing much about it. However, if people were to know about the benefits that come with this exercise, they may change their minds! Listed below are a few of the benefits associated with yoga...don't knock it till you've tried it! Continue reading

  • How a Strict Fitness Routine Can Actually Harm Your Workout Results

    Many people think that getting into a strict routine of working out is the best way to generate results. However, this can actually make each workout less effective. Getting into the routine of working out regularly is great, but too often people complete the same workouts, on the same equipment each time they work out. Unfortunately, this approach is counterproductive. In order to ensure you are getting the best results out of each and every workout you complete, you have to mix them up! Continue reading

  • 5 Exercises that will Improve Poor Posture

    Poor posture is an issue that many of us deal with and often do not know where to begin in regards to correcting it. The good news is there is something you can do about it and it's SO easy! Adding a few specific exercises into your regular fitness routine will assist in the improvement of your overall posture. These types of exercises are not limited to what is listed below; many posture improving exercises exist and primarily focus on core strength and stability. Continue reading

  • 7 Workout Trends We're Glad Died in the 80's

    Fitness fanatics increased dramatically during the 1980's, for reasons no one is certain. Workouts were developed of all styles and types in order to achieve that much-wanted buff bod that everyone seemed to strive for at the time. Much of these workouts were considered to be 'fads' and died off rather quickly (phew!). Here are the top seven workout trends that we are glad died in the 1980's: Continue reading

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