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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Breaking through plateaus

    Many runners will hit what is not-so-fondly referred to as "the wall" during a long run. But what if the wall isn't appearing on a single run, but across your running regiment in general? What if you are at a point where you are having trouble making gains, seemingly regardless of how hard you train? This is called a plateau, and it occurs in any form of exercise. Essentially, your body reaches a level at which progress stalls. This can be caused by physical or mental barriers, but is most commonly some combination of the two.  Continue reading

  • No sleep before race day? New study says no problem

    Many competitive runners have a lot of trouble falling asleep the night before a big race. It's usually a combination of stress, anxiety and nerves, but whatever the cause it can prevent many people from sleeping well if at all. The running adage is that a good night's sleep two nights before the race is much more important, but is there any truth to this? A new study says it just might be correct.  Continue reading

  • Adding more fiber to your diet

    Dietary fiber is recommended for anyone, but it can be especially instrumental for those looking to stay healthy or lose weight, according to the Mayo Clinic. While it is most known for the benefits it offers to your digestive system, fiber offers myriad other advantages to your body, including possible protection from heart disease and diabetes. Combined with exercise, like regularly running on your home treadmill, you could achieve your target weight with help from this key nutritional element.  Continue reading

  • No-cook summer foods for the avid runner

    The summer makes everything hotter, and most people don't want to fire up the grill or stove after a tough workout in the sun. So what is an avid runner to do when hunger strikes? Try these no-cook recipes to keep the temperature down, eat healthy, and get your body the nutrition it needs to properly recover.  Continue reading

  • Using different running surfaces

    Most runners will put in the majority of their work on paved roads. Neighborhood streets shouldn't be the only place that you train, however. Many experts report that running on different surfaces offers myriad benefits, from injury prevention to improvements in performance. Runner's World recommends taking routes to trails, grass, sand, or even water to reap the individual benefits of each. Here are the best ways to take advantage of a new environment.  Continue reading

  • Cross-training 101

    Cross-training is a concept that many runners don't properly familiarize themselves with. A great deal of runners might even believe that the only way to improve their running is to just keep running. But in truth, over-training in any form, running included, can put you at risk for injury. Daily running without rest can often restrict your body from proper recovery, which may ultimately hinder your performance.

    No runner should try and fully substitute cross-training for their running, but adding different workouts as a complement to your running regiment can be important to making gains. Even other forms of cardio will qualify as cross-training - things like swimming, biking and rowing can all be hugely beneficial. Here are the very basics of cross-training, and how you can take advantage.   Continue reading

  • Strength training for the avid runner

    Many runners are afraid to touch any sort of strength routine out of fear that added bulk will weigh them down and slow their race times. While few runners aspire to look like a bodybuilder, there is a comfortable medium that can help improve your running rather than detract from it. In some cases, the best training plan is a comprehensive one that allows you to combine the benefits of a few different methods. Any runner can find a place for the appropriate strength training in their routine. You may find the results are better than you expected the next time you use your home treadmill. The TRUE M50 Home Treadmill's preset and custom workout routines can easily complement any weight training that you choose to add!  Continue reading

  • Three top protein sources for runners

    Many runners may not realize how important protein is to their exercise endeavors. Long bouts of cardiovascular exercise, like a lengthy run on your home treadmill, will cause your body to look for fuel within your body to keep you powering through the miles. When you use it up faster than most, you need to consume more than most to maintain healthy levels.

    Runner's World recommends not immediately reaching for red and processed meats, as many protein-hungry athletes often do. Instead, vegetarian sources can reduce some health risks associated with meat and help you maintain your energy levels at the same time. Below are the three easiest sources for even the most carnivorous runners to integrate into their diet. Continue reading

  • Ramp up your run

    Some ambitious runners find that they want to constantly ramp up their workouts by adding another challenge to their usual routine. However, even the most casual of athletes can derive many benefits from ramping things up - literally. Use the advanced features of equipment such as the TRUE M30 Home Treadmill to run at anywhere from a 1 to 15 percent incline, and you'll find that it can test your body more than running on a flat surface ever could.  Continue reading

  • Beat the heat, run inside

    With the recent heat wave, running outside can test even hearty endurance runners. When the temperatures start to approach the high 90s, many runners will have to truly push themselves in order to get through a run. However, while you might think of it as a challenge, trying to run in extreme heat without proper preparation can offer far more risks than it does potential benefits. There is serious danger to taking a long run in the sun, and for many, it may just be best to play things safe. There's no shame in retiring inside to your TRUE Fitness home treadmill, especially when outside conditions won't allow you to perform at your usual level.  Continue reading

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