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  • Workout with man's best friend

    Securing the motivation to workout can be a tough hurdle to get over. However, when you have a loyal companion by your side that is excited about getting some exercise, burning calories can become a bit easier and more fun! That's right: I'm talking about your dog.

    These furry friends can be a great support system when it comes to getting physical. Karen Soltero, a 37-year-old photographer and writer, told Women's Health magazine that it was her dog that got her up in the morning and on the road to shedding the pounds. Since working out with her pooch, she's lost 10 pounds, finished two Olympic-distance triathlons and even broke the snooze button habit. Studies have confirmed that Soltero isn't a solo case. Those who own canines are more likely to exercise regularly than those who aren't dog owners. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your dog into your cardio routine:

    This cardio exercise works virtually every muscle in the body, is easy on joints and improves endurance while strengthening the heart. Give your pup the same benefits of this workout by bringing him or her along! She Knows suggested playing fetch with you and your dog in the water to increase resistance and get your heart pumping a little faster.

    Have your pet alongside you while you go for a run! (Let's just hope he/she doesn't spot a squirrel). Dogs are great running partners due to their natural athletic ability. And what dog doesn't go crazy when they see their leash pulled out? If you're into running longer races, there are dog 5K and 10Ks available for those animal lovers out there. But just like you, they need to be trained to run long distance races. It's a great workout for you and your dog!

    Play fetch … both of you!
    Instead of watching your dog chase after the ball, race him to it! These bursts of speed work as a great cardio workout and helps you burn calories fast. Director of the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, Rebecca Johnson, says that running backwards or completing a grapevine motion will really tone your muscles and give you a quality workout.

    When you're not getting active with your pup, consider jumping on home fitness equipment to burn even more calories and help you get on your way to better overall health. TRUE Fitness has a line of stationary bikes, home treadmills and ellipticals that work to give you a one-of-a-kind workout experience. With patented Heart Rate Control technology and orthopedically comfortable products, you'll be getting a quality workout to help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Seven ways to stay motivated on the treadmill

    Home treadmills are the perfect way to achieve a cardio workout that will get you on your way to better overall health. TRUE Fitness has a line of cardio fitness equipment that makes exercising both simple and enjoyable. Their durable equipment provides you with a smooth workout that's easy on your joints and will provide you with comfortable workouts for years to come.

    However, once you start breaking a sweat and fatigue begins to set in, it can be easy to simply reduce your speed and decrease the incline to make your cardio workout a bit easier. In doing so, you won't be getting the best possible workout from your treadmill and the time and energy you set aside to exercise won't be worthwhile. Here are a few ways to keep up that motivation so you end your workout feeling satisfied and more fit:

    Keep yourself entertained
    Some people prefer a playlist full of tunes to get them psyched about their workout. This can help keep you occupied on the task at hand and prevent your mind from thinking about how tired you are. If you don't prefer music, try running in front of a TV while your favorite movie or TV show is playing. You could even schedule your workouts around the shows you want to watch. This is a great way to get your mind off of the intense workout and make the time pass faster.

    Remember your goals
    When you're in the middle of running on the treadmill, don't let your goals slip away. Remember the reason why you're working out in the first place. Is it to be healthier? To lose weight? To have more energy? No matter what the reason, keeping this in mind can be a great motivator. You could even opt to write it down and have it in sight while you're exercising. This way, you'll always be reminded of how important your workouts are to you.

    Grab a friend
    It's often easier to workout when you know your friend is breaking a sweat right next to you. As you walk or run, you'll have some company to pass the time. Having a constant support system is a great way to stay motivated and ensure that you won't miss a workout.

    Log your progress
    Each time you workout, write down what you did and how many calories you burned during your workout. Seeing your progress with your own two eyes can help prove to yourself that the hard work you're putting into exercising is worth the effort.Treadmill Reviews suggested writing down how you felt after each workout. Reminding yourself how healthy and happy you feel after exercising can give you the encouragement you need to get through a tough workout.

    Get halfway there
    Instead of looking at your workout as a big chunk of time, Active suggested just focusing on getting to the halfway mark. By breaking it up into two parts, exercising can seem less daunting, and this approach can help you plan for the second half of your workout.

    Get new workout clothes
    Sometimes, simply purchasing new clothes or shoes to wear during your workout can motivate you. Runner's World said two-time Olympian Shane Culpepper gets a new pair of shoes to break in when she wants to get excited about running again.

    Think in terms of calories burned
    According to Runner's World, running just one mile burns about 100 calories. Get yourself motivated to run three miles by thinking of the exercise as burning off the few slices of pizza you had the night before. When you think of it like this, you can tell yourself that you're making progress and continue to keep up the good work.

  • The best and worst foods to eat after a workout

    Getting up the energy and motivation to workout can be difficult. However, once you actually do exercise, you'll likely feel energized and you'll be on your way to the physique of your dreams. But many feel that because they exercised, they have an excuse to eat whatever they please. Avoid setting back your workout and stay away from these post-workout foods:


    Energy bars
    These after-workout snacks may seem harmless, but they're actually loaded with sugar. When you indulge in one of these, the sugar decreases your metabolism and gets you right back to where you started, according to Fit Day.

    Even though it's delicious, downing a greasy piece of pizza after a workout won't be doing your body any favors. Even veggie pizza isn't good for you, with all of the extra cheese and oil-soaked tomatoes that often come on top of it. Munching on pizza will surely satisfy your taste buds, but eating it will reverse the exercise you just worked so hard to accomplish. Instead of adding to the amount of fat your body stores, you'll want to restore glycogen levels.

    Raw veggies
    Wait, aren't vegetables good for you? Yes, but you shouldn't eat them directly following a workout. The reason why is that they're not enough to fill you up! They may work as a quick mid-day snack but after exercise, your body needs something more substantial to restore energy and keep up an increased metabolic rate.


    Packed with protein, this dairy treat will help build muscle and maintain your energy levels. Opt for topping it off with fruit for even more antioxidants and fiber. Greek yogurt is best when you're looking for protein and a great source of calcium and has much less sugar than yogurts deemed to be low in fat.

    Pita and hummus
    Fitness Magazine suggested this as a perfect post-workout snack. Make sure that you opt for whole wheat for the pita for good carbs and energy. Hummus, made from pureed chickpeas, is a great source of protein.

    Whole grain cereal
    Cereal doesn't have to be a morning-only food.But make sure to avoid the sugary ones. Opt for whole grain cereals instead which are filled with carbohydrates and protein to keep you going for the rest of your day. There's also fiber in these cereals which help you to feel full so you don't fill up on unhealthy or large portions of something later on.

    For your workouts, TRUE Fitness can help you achieve a high-performance workout through a durable line of cardio fitness equipment.

  • In a hurry? Try these one-day diet tricks

    With a busy schedule and not enough time to burn off calories on your home gym equipment before your big date, there's often little you can do to drop a few pounds last minute. However, there are a few diet tricks to try out to help tighten you up without depriving yourself of food or taking part in crazy cleanses. Here are a few easy ways to feel better about your body instantly:

    Fill up on fruits and veggies Nobody is ever excited to slip into their swimsuit after eating a big meal or not exercising for a few days in a row - especially if you're feeling a bit bloated. Luckily, eating the right foods can reduce this bloating so you look ready for beach season. Women's Health magazine suggested filling up on broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. If you're not a vegetable fan, opt for fruits like watermelon, pineapples, strawberries and blueberries. These food will keep you safe from bloating, which is often caused by salt and fat.

    Opt for spicy Adding a bit of spice to your meals can actually help jumpstart your metabolism. Studies have shown that having a bit of a kick in your food can give your metabolism a temporary rise - about 8 percent greater than the normal metabolic rate, according to Fit Day. Capsaicin, found in jalapenos, cayenne and habaneros has a slimming effect and works as an anti-inflammatory. So if you have a hot date later, grab the hot sauce!

    Snack Turns out, reaching for a small snack before a meal can help you to eat less later on. If you sit down for a meal absolutely famished, you're probably going to eat a lot more than you originally planned. By eating snacks, you'll be less likely to overindulge. According to CNN Health, snacking can help keep your blood sugar and your metabolism up. Reach for healthier snacks like a handful of grapes, apples and peanut butter or string cheese and crackers.

    Eat earlier If you start your day a bit earlier than usual and eat the most food early in the day, you may be less likely to eat more later.

    "Many dieters try to trim calories from their breakfast and lunch and then get hungry," explained Elisabetta Politi, nutrition manager at Duke Diet and Fitness Center. "Research shows the calories you eat earlier in the day help you eat less at night."

    This method is perfect if you know you have a date that night or somewhere to be the next day where you don't want to feel fatigued and bloated.

    Exercise Of course, doing a bit of cardio may help tighten up those muscles and leave you feeling a bit more refreshed as well. TRUE Fitness has created a line of award-winning cardio equipment that works to keep you comfortable and motivated throughout your workout with orthopedic-friendly machines and virtual trainers.

  • Selecting the right shoe for your workout

    Your workout has many positive affects on your physical fitness level, but it also has an affect on what you wear on your feet! Although it may seem like an insignificant detail, shoes have the ability to make or break your workout. According to Fit Day, your footwear must have proper ankle support, arch support and overall fit. Depending on the type of exercise, you'll likely need a strong foundation provided by your legs and ankles. The proper shoe can work to prevent injury, like twisting your ankle, keep you comfortable throughout the entire workout and play a vital role in stabilizing your feet.

    However, with the wide array of sneakers available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which shoe will work best for you. Here is a quick guide to choosing a shoe that will really give you the best workout possible:

    Picking the right shoe size
    When you're at the store and presented with row after row of athletic shoes, it can be hard to pick one on color, let alone the best style for your workout! Before you try on any shoes, first have your shoe size measured by an employee to ensure a quality fit. As a side tip, USA Today suggested bringing the socks you plan on wearing with the shoe, otherwise you may be surprised when you get home at a looser or tighter fit than you originally intended.

    The right shoe for cardio
    When working out on cardio fitness equipment, you'll need a shoe that can withstand this kind of exercise. Search for footwear that has stability, motion control and cushion. These three factors will provide you with the support you need to keep going.

    Having stability in a shoe means reduced overpronation. In other words, it will work to prevent your foot from rolling inward when it hits the ground. Without this, your ankles will be left with less-than-adequate support and you may be more prone to a few twists of the ankle.

    A stiffer heel as well as arch support and shock absorption are available with motion control and cushion. A shoe with all three of these elements are sure to give you both a safe and effective workout.

    Exercise type: home fitness
    Many opt to exercise on various machines like ellipticals and fitness treadmills. TRUE Fitness created a line of custom-designed equipment that is ergonomically designed to give you a great, safe workout. Equipped with Heart Rate Control technology and Soft Step, you can monitor your heart and help ease your joints at the same time.

  • Three surprising factors that affect your workout

    Jumping on home gym equipment can give you an exceptional cardio workout and help you be on your way to better overall health. TRUE Fitness has a line of cardio fitness equipment which keeps you comfortable and motivated with a virtual training coach for a total-body workout. Sugary snacks, low energy levels and skipping out on stretching are conditions that are known to lower the quality of your cardio workout. But what you may not know, is that there are other elements that may be affecting how you exercise. Take a look at these surprising factors that can really give your workout routine a boost:

    Coffee We're well aware that caffeine is a lifesaver when it comes to waking up. Turns out, a cup of joe can energize your workout as well! According to Shape magazine, the caffeine in coffee works to increase your endurance by changing how your muscles use energy.

    "Studies have shown that caffeine mobilizes fat in your body so your muscles use it as fuel, instead of glycogen in your body," explained Shape magazine. "That allows you to exercise longer, since your body doesn't use the carbs you ate before your workout until later."

    However, make sure you don't overdo it on the coffee. Try one small cup of coffee before you workout. Anymore than that, and you may be left feeling too full.

    Cold hands Studies are showing that having cooler hands can actually help women to exercise for a longer period of time. According to Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine, those women who held a hand-cooling device during parts of their workout had significant improvements in exercise performance.

    Sims explains this phenomenon by explaining holding a colder object slows the rate at which your body temperature rises. This way, you don't store as much heat and are able to workout longer and more comfortably. If you're not sure how to cool your hands off, try holding onto a cold water bottle while you're exercising. This ensures you will stay hydrated and cool!

    Attitude Having the right mental state before and during your workout can really make a difference in your progress. Instead of looking at the glass half empty and saying things like, "I'm too tired to workout," tell yourself the benefits you're gaining from your workout, whether it's to accomplish your goals or simply to be healthier. Positive energy can give you that motivation you need to start and finish exercising. Woman's Day suggested grabbing a workout buddy to support each other and provide positive feedback.

  • Healthy foods that aren't actually good for you

    Just because you may hear that something is healthy based what you see on TV, doesn't mean it's actually as good for you as you are led to believe. There are some unhealthy foods out there that are cleverly disguised as nutritionally sound snacks. Be on the lookout for the following foods in your kitchen:

    Fat-free flavored yogurt Don't let the fat-free label trick you - just because it says fat-free, doesn't mean it's great for you! According to Forbes, these yogurts are actually packed with sugar - about 15 grams in a little six ounce serving. Instead of grabbing for the flavored yogurt, swap it out for Greek yogurt. Don't like the taste of Greek? Add other ingredients to it like honey, fruit and granola to up the taste and the nutritional value!

    Veggie Pizza Although it does contain lots of veggies, it's still pizza. Shape magazine said that many restaurants amp up the taste with lots more cheese and oil-soaked tomatoes to give it that delicious flavor that keeps you coming back. For a healthier alternative, try a pizza with half the cheese or watch your portion size.

    Light popcorn You may think you've made a healthy choice for a late-night snack as you sit down on the couch with a bag of light popcorn. After all, how could something so seemingly light be so bad for you? I've got two reasons to pop your own popcorn: diacetyl and high sodium levels. Diacetyl is a chemical used to produce a butter flavoring on your snack. According to Discovery Fit & Health, this chemical has led to some cases of scarring in the lungs. Save your respiratory health by popping your own kernels and dribbling on a little olive oil for a healthier snack.

    Dried fruit How could something with the word "fruit" in it be unhealthy? Dried fruit, although it contains fiber, also contains a lot of added sugar.

    "Since the fruit is dried, it has at least three times more calories per volume than its fresh counterpart," explained Jennifer Cohen of Forbes. "A bag of banana chips has three times as many calories as a banana and 20 percent more fat."

    Therefore, you're better off sticking to fresh fruit to get all the nutrients and health benefits that they offer.

    Turkey sandwich With turkey being a lean meat, there's no way this could be unhealthy, right? Well, not quite. If you buy processed turkey, there are often high levels of nitrates and sodium present which aren't heart-healthy. It's also what you add to the sandwich that can make or break you. Extras like mayonnaise, bacon and cheese, topped off with thick slices of bread, can turn a potentially healthy lunch into a calorie-packed meal.

    Reduced fat peanut butter Much like fat-free yogurt, many mistake this as a healthy alternative to regular peanut butter. But this product also contains tons of added sugar. Regular peanut butter will actually fill you up more, which will keep you from indulging later on.

    Frozen dinners Ads work to convince you that those pre-portioned frozen diet meals are the secret to losing weight. As is often the case, they couldn't be more wrong. According to Shape magazine, these pack a punch with large amounts of preservatives, sodium and low amounts of vegetables. And who ever feels full after eating one of those anyway? Opt for fresh vegetables, whole grains and meats instead that will fill you up and give you energy.

    Always make sure to fit cardio into your routine alongside a healthy diet. The two work together to help you shed those excess pounds and increase your overall health. TRUE Fitness has created a line of cardio fitness equipment that is designed to give you the best workout possible. With comfort always in mind and patented Heart Rate Control technology, your personal fitness goals can be easily met.

  • Four ways to better your stationary bike workout

    Stationary bikes are a great way to build endurance and burn fat at the same time. TRUE Fitness has a line of stationary bikes that provide you with comfortable gel seats as well as aero bars for leverage during longer workouts. But in order to get your body in tip-top shape and ensure you're getting the best workout possible, there are a few things you can do to burn more fat even faster.

    Enter your information
    By entering your height, weight and age into the bike, you can help to create the best exercise plan for whatever level of fitness you may be best suited for. As you build up endurance and muscle, you can add more intensity by bumping up the resistance and speed.

    Adjust your form
    The way you sit on your bike can make a big difference in how effective your workout is at burning fat. If a seat is too high, you won't be getting a proper workout because your legs will have trouble reaching the pedals. If the chair is too low, you're putting unnecessary stress on your knees and your legs are likely to get fatigued much faster. Men's Health magazine suggested adjusting the seat of your bike so that your legs are fully extended when the pedals' furthest stretch.

    Vary your pace
    When sitting on a bike, it can be easy to maintain a steady pace without realizing it - especially if you're reading a magazine or watching TV. Changing up the speed at which you pedal can really amp up your workout. Plan to incorporate bursts of speed followed by periods of recovery to get your heart pumping and cut calories. Joe Friel, author of, "The Cyclist's Training Bible," says standing up can also be very beneficial.

    "Standing requires more muscle not only to push the pedals, but also to support and balance your body," said Friel.

    Cool down
    When you're done with your workout, make sure to cool down before getting off of your bike. You need to give your heart the chance to get back to its normal resting heart rate. Often times, the cool down period is just as important as the exercise itself. Immediately getting off of the machine after an intense workout can be dangerous.

    "A sudden stop in physical activity can cause blood pooling in your legs, your blood pressure could drop and you could get very dizzy," explained Jenn Burke, personal training manager at Crunch gym.

    Give yourself a few minutes to slow down your pace at the end of your workout. Men's Fitness suggested stretching as well to prevent your muscles from stiffening. Stretching relaxes the muscles and even helps you to feel less sore the next day!

  • Ten easy ways to burn 100 calories

    100 calories may not seem like much at first glance, but according to Fitbie, that can add up quickly. If you drop 100 calories daily, seven days a week, you could lose 10 pounds per year! Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways you can get in a quick workout:

    Cardio fitness equipment Although this may be an apparent way to shed the pounds, it works. Hopping on an elliptical or treadmill can help you burn up to 200 calories in just 15 to 20 minutes, said Fit Watch. Whether you're at home or visiting the gym, this option never gets stale. TRUE cardio fitness equipment works to deliver you the best possible workout. Their bikes have mesh seats for back support while the treadmills and ellipticals have preset workouts to get you on your way to a more trim figure.

    Iron your clothes Doing a simple chore like ironing your clothes for 38 minutes can help you burn 100 calories. Even though you may not realize it, you're continually moving your arms and shoulders, helping to get a quick workout and tone those muscles.

    Shop til you drop Well, not quite til you drop. It only takes 38 minutes of walking around the mall to lose 100 calories. What better way to lose weight than by shopping? Try walking at a more brisk pace from store to store to burn even more calories.

    Invite friends for dinner Yes, you can entertain guests for a dinner party and be on your way to losing weight in no time. According to Amy Gallo of Today, by chopping ingredients and getting the house cleaned and the table set, you can burn 100 calories in only 38 minutes. Just be sure to cook up a healthy recipe!

    Dance it out There are several video games on the market that allow you to dance your way to better health. Dance Dance Revolution, DanceMasters and Just Dance provide step-by-step choreographed dances for you to easily follow. Just Dance even has a workout portion of the game, where it tracks your progress and counts calories!

    Shovel snow There is one upside to having to shovel the driveway - getting in shape! By shoveling the white stuff, you'll be getting in a great workout. According to She Knows Health and Wellness shoveling snow for an hour can be comparable to a moderate cardio workout. If you're lifting bigger piles of snow, almost your entire body will be benefiting from this workout. You'll especially feel it in your back, biceps and shoulders.

    Jump on the trampoline This is an extremely fun way to burn calories and not even realize it! Gallo said jumping on a trampoline for just 27 minutes tones your legs, butt and abs, allowing you to hop your way to 100 less calories. If you want an even better workout, do tuck jumps to work your abs.

    Canoe Are you the outdoorsy type? Hop in a canoe to burn 100 calories in just 25 minutes. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of nature, but by paddling, your arms will be on their way to achieving a toned look. The more you paddle, the more you'll be building up your endurance. The core is also worked because paddling forces your body to rotate and twist through the torso.

    Walk your dog Both you and your pooch will benefit from this one. Your pup will appreciate the time outside and your body will be on its way to getting slim and trim. In only 29 minutes, you will have cut 100 calories with your best companion by your side.

    Use a punching bag Slugging a punching bag for just 15 minutes will help you shed 100 calories. This will build up strength and release any frustrations that have been accumulating throughout the day, helping to reduce stress. This quick workout is also a great cardio workout and gets your blood pumping fast.

  • Three common excuses for avoiding exercise and how to ignore them

    If you're anything like the rest of us, it's actually stepping onto your home gym equipment that's the hardest part. Most often we find reasons, big or small, to avoid exercising that day. There's always excuses to skip the gym. However, once you find that motivation and tell yourself reasons why you should be working out, you could be on your way to better overall health. Here are some of the top excuses when it comes to breaking a sweat:

    I'm too busy Of course with a hectic schedule, exercising can be harder to come by. But this doesn't mean it should be ignored altogether. Working out can be a big stress reliever from everything you have on your plate.

    "You make your schedule and can find the time to devote 45 minutes to one hour to you," explained The Huffington Post.

    If you mark your weekly calendar and make time for a workout, even if it's short, you're less likely to skip it. You won't have the same "I ran out of time" excuse because you made time! If you find there are days when you simply can't spare an hour, try to fit in a little movement here and there. Forbes said ten minutes can really add up if you make a habit out of it. Take the stairs at work or go take your dog for a quick walk in the morning.

    I'm too tired When your alarm goes off first thing in the morning, it's natural not to want to hop right out of bed and onto a cardio machine. When the morning sneaks up on you, remember why you want to workout. Really getting to the reason behind getting fit - whether it's to relieve stress or just become healthier in general - you're more likely to be motivated and stay motivated. Everyday Health said that once you get in the habit of up for an early morning jog, your body will become used to it and you'll find it gets easier to wake up.

    I don't want to exercise in front of others For some, going to the gym and breaking a sweat around strangers isn't their idea of a good time. And who can blame them? According to Forbes, women are actually less likely to take a walk if they don't see other women in the area exercising. Home gym equipment is an easy way to solve this issue. True Fitness designs premium cardio equipment like bikes, ellipticals and treadmills that are dedicated to giving you a smooth and quality workout. The TRUE Motivation Series of treadmills provides another layer of motivation for home workouts as well, with options like a heart rate cruise control that keeps you at a cardio level perfectly suited to your needs for the duration of the workout.

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