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True Fitness Equipment

  • How to Create a Fun Mother-Daughter Workout

    There are lots of factors that can turn mother-daughter workout experiences into a less than enjoyable situation. There are generation gaps (both physical and mental) along with self-image and body consciousness.

    Don't let this natural void be intimidating! Working out can be a great opportunity to bond with your daughter when you follow these tips on how to make it an enjoyable experience. Continue reading

  • Believe it or Not: 3 Weird Health Studies

    We all know about the more well-known health studies like how it's beneficial to stretch when exercising. But every once in a while, an odd one catches our eye. Here are three weird health studies that will blow your mind: Continue reading

  • How to Help Your Teen Stay Healthy Through Puberty

    When your children begin to go through puberty, it can be a difficult time for them. There's unhealthy peer pressure, recess and childish games are replaced with more sedentary activities, and you have less control over their lives from what they eat to how much physical activity they get. But that doesn't mean that your kids have to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Continue reading

  • Make Your Daily Routine Healthier with These Fitness Hacks


    It's often hard to find time for exercise in the midst of our busy schedules, especially now that colder weather has settled in. But, there are small steps you can take to work toward your fitness goals and increase the amount of exercise you get in each day. Take a look at these easy, everyday fitness hacks that will burn those extra calories in no time: Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment

    Choosing to build a home gym is a big decision. With all the different types of equipment available, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether it's the only piece you'll need or for you're putting together a more extensive home gym setup, here are some suggestions that may help you decide on the best equipment for you: Continue reading

  • The Best Workout Routine for Men Over 40

    Have you turned 40? Are you having a hard time completing the workouts you have been used to for so many years? That's normal! As we age, our bodies often require different needs and ways to stay fit. Take a look at these top workouts for men over 40 that will help you keep on track with your fitness goals without being overworked or discouraged: Continue reading

  • Which TRUE PS Series Treadmill is Right for You?

    Thinking of buying a treadmill this Christmas? TRUE Fitness Technology began with the treadmill, so it's no surprise that we take pride in each and every one we produce for our customers. TRUE offers many different of residential treadmills, but our most popular series by far is the PS series treadmill. Continue reading

  • How the Bike MS Exercise Bike Compares to Other Models

    The holiday season is here, which means it's the season of giving and eating delicious meals with family and friends. After the holiday season concludes, many of us strike up new-found motivation to get our bodies back into shape for the New Year after indulging in all of that fantastic holiday food. So, how about this year you combine you or your loved one's fitness motivation with the spirit of giving back to your community with the Bike MS Cycling Bike? Take a look below and see if the Bike MS Cycling Bike is the right fit for you or the cyclist in your family: Continue reading

  • A Rundown of TRUE's Most Popular Elliptical Machines

    When you purchase a TRUE elliptical this Christmas season, you are making a wise investment that will last you and your loved ones for years to come. All of TRUE's ellipticals carry the same emphasis on quality that TRUE Fitness has made priority for the last 34 years. So, if all TRUE's ellipticals have the same outstanding standards and durability, what makes each of our elliptical series so different? TRUE has a machine for everyone. Let's take a look: Continue reading

  • 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Traditions

    Thanksgiving is upon us, which usually includes an abundant amount of delicious meals for our families to gather around. While the food may be delicious this time of year, it is most certainly not the healthiest. Make sure you make your holiday meals the healthiest you possibly can while still having fun by following these basic tips: Continue reading

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