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home fitness equipment

  • In-Home Training vs. Gym Training: Which Is Right For You?

    Join your local gym or invest in home fitness equipment?

    That’s the biggest question many people starting a fitness routine wonder — and with good reason. Gyms can be expensive and you may be uncomfortable working out out in front of other people. On the other hand, you may not want to spend money on a home gym if you’re not sure you will use it consistently. Continue reading

  • TRUE Soft Technology® Offers Comfortable Workouts

    It is no secret that we at TRUE Fitness strive to constantly innovate across the full product line. In staying true to our mission and our trademark, TRUE endeavors to build fitness equipment that is biomechanically correct while also being orthopedically comfortable. TRUE’s Soft Technology® has made us the company we are today and is considered a trademark of the TRUE heritage. Continue reading

  • Why Exercise Isn’t Just About Losing Weight

    Do you go to the gym and wonder why “skinny” people are there? A shockingly abundant number of people believe that the primary function of exercise is weight loss, and that if these people are thin they don’t need to exercise. But being thin doesn’t mean that you’re fit and healthy—there are many reasons why you should exercise beyond losing weight. Continue reading

  • What is the Best All-Machine Workout?

    Using home fitness equipment to get in your full body workout is a great way to target specific muscle groups like hamstrings or triceps. As an expert at working out, here’s a guide to an all-machine workout that will give your whole body the workout it needs: Continue reading

  • A Rundown of TRUE's Most Popular Equipment Consoles

    TRUE Fitness offers five different console options for our home fitness equipment. While variety is the spice of life, how do you know which console suits you best? Each console offers slightly different features, allowing you to choose the best console for your individual needs.


    Starting with the most basic console, the Emerge is a simple LED screen, with control buttons and data readout capabilities. This console provides the user with easy navigation and appeals to those who want to walk up to a machine and quickly start their workout. Data readouts include: Continue reading

  • Is Group Training Right for You?

    The American College of Sports Medicine has announced the findings of its annual "fitness trend forecast," and found that among other trends like high-intensity training and functional fitness, group fitness will rise in popularity in 2015.

    Group training has the unfortunate stigma of the 80s attached to it, giving us the image of sweatbands and workout videos aimed primarily at women. While trends come and go, group exercise for men's fitness need not be the dancing workout we remember. Group training comes in many forms like cycling and boot camps. Continue reading

  • Show Your Support with the Bike MS Cycling Bike

    Multiple Sclerosis, often referred to as MS, is a chronic disease which involves damaging of the nerves located in the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of this disease vary widely and are similar to other conditions, which makes it difficult to pin-point whether or not an individual is suffering from MS.

    To show our support of MS research, TRUE Fitness has developed The Bike MS, an exercise cycling bike that will help raise awareness to this troubling disease and to those who are suffering from it. Continue reading

  • How Reliable Is The Latest Fitness Fad?

    New and inventive ways to exercise and lose weight are constantly emerging and have escalated tremendously throughout recent years. People buy these "fitness fads" for many different reasons. Sometimes they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars committing to the new idea.

    But how can you be sure that new fitness fads are even worth the money, let alone the enormous amount of time you invest? Take a look at these tips to help you determine whether the new fad is legit or just another way to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. Continue reading

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